What it was meant for.

Been busy but here's a quickie from an idea where a lad travels around having music based adventures in a musical universe transported by his 'Magic Generic Mp3 Player' (it was still mp3 when I first drew him)

Look out one day for 'Gary's Guts©', 'Watt's History Tortoise©' and 'Jamies Magic Ballbag©'


Jonathan Edwards said...

What a fantastic idea. Just think of the possibilities!!

WJC said...

Oh yes! Originally, giant angry Beethoven was persuing this pair

Mark Kardwell said...

I'd buy that for 99 cents on iTunes.

Fred Blunt said...

PLEASE make this happen WJC
I would buy this forever!
I also see this as a late night channel 4 5 min slot, aping 70's kids TV!

WJC said...

I'd love to Fred, 'specially as an animated series, with all original music. Daydreaming now.