Special Guest Appearance

Dan McDaid comic artist extraordinaire is now the only other person to have artwork on this blog. He's been taking requests for Warm Up drawings and rendered this cracking version of Elka of the Swedish Heroes.
Thanks loads, it made my day.


Gak Gak! (most likely 'get her!')

Where the Mac10's have had little effect penetrating Goo Girls Goo, even at close range, the reptile captain expects The Solar Centurian to be more effective. Cue The Meeeper.

Further Interruption, Tardis Cosy/ Johnny

This last week or so the 'school run' has been livened up as we've been passing the construction of a life size Tardis in some fella's driveway. With the possible threat of wet weather the Tardis is now sheathed in a protective johnny/ cosy, presumably until it's ready to fly.

Part 10 of 13 of the Crapodiles and Smazmak vs Gelatina at the Java Jug Cafe will be along soon.


The Meeeper

Smazmak frazzles his Dave the Biker disguise while electro-frying Crapodile No 3. Unfortunately for the Solar Centurian, the reptiles have a secret weapon.


Dave the Biker bites the bullet.


It's been a while, I've seen Ween, been to sea and found fish, seen Stormtroopers and had comics signed, been drawing for money and drawing for fun and I now have a pipeline that is occupied by at least 'some' things.


Further Swedish Hero related interruption.

Colonel Mace made a pretty reasonable comment in this weekend's Dr Who . . . .
I should say he has a point.


Sour times at The Java Jug

Though the mystery jogger is at the scene.