Make It Then Tell Everybody

Dan Berry is a Champion. If the U.K comic community were put altogether on an island, he would be made Prime Minister, no doubt. PLEASE check out all his work here.

Since last October he has been making hosting the 'Make It And Tell Everybody' (almost entirely) comic podcast. I have enjoyed each episode greatly and learned a lot listening in to the chat and creaming off all the best secrets of how these things are made.

At the 2D Comic Festival in Derry a couple of weeks ago (something I MUST post about) Dan recorded a conversation with me and it got posted today. I do a lot of 'Um'ming and 'Yeah'ing but it was good fun.

To be fair, the whole weekend was excellent and a lot of excellent comic chat was chatted, mainly loudly on a street corner, sloshing pints and swaying in the chilly evening air.

Have a listen to the Pod, lots to be learned. And if you do, please donate a bit too.