3 in a day.

It has been a proper busy time lately, and feeling slightly gloomy that the post count this month was pretty slim i've piled some in today. I've been doing day jobs, drawing jobs, shifting sacks of masonry and sorting busted windscreens today. This last post for the day is two panels from a 9 page strip for Mikolaj Spionek's 'Pirate' anthology, he's been waiting ages for it and it should be the next thing done, I hope.

It has been a while, so . . .

Though she always had a soft spot for Asterix, Elka decided that collecting the helmets of her foes would not be a sensible idea during their escape from Troll Station.

How's that BKO?

Still Haunted.


Haunted Hotel

It's not quite right I agree but I couldn't get this idea out of my head.


The Postman Cometh.

This has turned into a pretty poor month for posts so far. And I've had plenty to do of late but at last, I'll be getting wrestling pictures in the post to those expecting one. Sorry they are late. And more posts too.


"Hunnerd Percen Utah!"

This morning's warm up.


Supermuscleman and Doc Krok

We are all big Sardine fans at WJC HQ.


Sketchbook Life with CCPD No. 2

Hunch Parsons grows suspicious over the activities of the chief of the Crash City Super Pursuit Squad (plus some character shots)


Tintin Au Congo

'cos it seems to be going down well.


The Shitkickers

I am currently busy with boring day jobs and smugly secret drawing jobs so he's some I did earlier.

In 1995/6 I filled up an A5 Seawhite sketchbook with a cowboy story, entirely drawn in brown pilot pen (3 or 5).

It was a Cowboy Treasure story that simply wandered off into a sketchbook of loads of wild west characters mucking about.

I saw it in the loft today when i was putting the tent away.
Might post some more, maybe have another go at the adventure.


Sketchbook 2006

I've got a bit on at the mo' and some bits long overdue so while i address those here's a rapidly coloured sketch from Hardback Sketchbook March- Sept 06. Colonel Zim from Regiment Rex.


The Black Island

Have a bad day, do a drawing. Have a good day, do a drawing.
Today was a good day.


Espionage at the museum.

I found this from 1998/99. I was working in a sleepy seaside printers, knocking out Itinery's for the WI and Masonic Hall and business cards for builders and cleaners. While no one was looking I did this on the ropey old photocopier. I had to change the toner cartridge for the colour changes. It's the only one, I wish i'd done more.


Belated Blog Party Pic

Just found this from the 1 year blog party last year. One of the surfing pirates looking unimpressed talking to Brian of the Astronomers.

Note Fred's screen-print over the fake mantlepiece, the Horny Rhino print and Karma Sutra print that are also in that frame but rarely get put on view.


After Hours Rock Bar Band

There was no denying he loved his day job but after work and after hours he'd play rock bars with his other band, Smashed Wangers.


The Comic in The Guardian

I'm afraid i'm late to report the loss of The Comic in The Guardian, the last one was on saturday, ending the same weekend as The DFC (whose strips made up a fair portion of The Comic). It's been great fun being asked, more on than off, to draw for The Comic this last year or so and i've had a great time. I shall now look forward to whatever happens next.

The DFC guys are keeping their pencils warm (at the very least) in blog form.

Many thanks to Emma and Perri for letting me do it and 'High Five!' Jonathan-E who got all the good drawings in. And everybody else.


I pity the April Fool.

Normal service resumes.