1000. Apparently.

This blog has been thoroughly neglected of late. I'll try and keep up but lots of work (which is exciting), bad organisation (not so exciting) and the combination of twitter (@warwickjc) and instagram  (@wocco) has meant this blogspot gets left behind.

I had a birthday recently and was given an A3 Moleskin sketchbook which is getting sporadic attention to wind down when all other drawing is going nowhere. Still the best way to relax, even when work has been to draw all day.

I'll post more up as they get done. Anyway, this is Blog Post One Thousand.

Off Life and The Unvisible Man

Off Life comic issue 4 is out in many Bristol and London bars cafes and available top download free from their site. I have a single page strip in this one amongst a bunch of cracking strip, including a beauty from Dan Berry.

Mondo's Game of Thrones Exhibition

The Hound

Last month I got the opportunity to exhibit with stella artists in Mondo Gallery's Game of Thrones Exhibition. A superb chance and I was proud to have my work hang there.  Here's one of a couple of videos of the show online.

Above is the inked artwork that was exhibited (and sold) and here is a digitally coloured version I couldn't resist trying out.

Also, I tried a Samwell as well, in fact he was my first plan until I got a hankering to try The Hound

Samwell tarly

Webtrip Season 1 The Album

Last year I was very happy to have been asked to participate in the WebTrip project. It was great fun to do, watching Jules and Romane travel Europe 'hosted' in 10 different countries by 12 artists from those places. I look forward to seeing Season 2 starting next month (particularly as I know some of the excellent artists participating)

Season 1 is available online (as will Season 2 be next month) but last years story is looking for funding to become a superb album. Please have a visit of the site and maybe even back the book!