A while ago I was very lucky to have been asked to contribute some character designs to a project by the splendid Chris Garbutt. Pinky Malinky was developed by the Cartoon Network Europe Studio and Chris has put a grand and thorough post on his blog.

These guys were my contribution to the project.

Best of luck with the show Chris (and every other cracking project you do)

Other CN Europe greatness here


The Blue Lula

The only two pages of a story started in a Seawhite sketchbook in 2005.

That's as far as it went. A Magical Sea Artifact which has special powers falls into the possession of this guy, who works out what's going on while being pursued by maniac surfers in a seaside town (not this one)

In the end something wild happens and they live happily ever after. Or die.

Right, back to proper stuff.


Dr Who speculation

I don't think either of these where quite right, maybe later in the season?


John Constantine

(Got plenty of artwork needing 'one last day' hoping that day comes soon. Posting should be a little more frequent then too)


PotD Season 2

Here we go again. (Season 1 mainly here)

(these guys are from 5th of March til last sunday)


Captain Marvel

DCU mangling as suggested by Simon

Tag TeamTastic Out for the count!

Missed the top slot by 9 votes (at the time, seems they're still going up!) to Andy Fanton with Harry and His Hippo. Congratulations to him, catch them in the Dandy with all the other crazyness.

Thanks for the support through the contest, it has been ace and makes up wholly for not getting the Big Score!



Time to relax (Til THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!)

Here's Huggles and Big Thumper feeling jolly pleased with themselves for the mighty support given them by EVERYONE (it seems). Tomorrow the Strictly Come Laughing poll finishes on The Dandy website and the winner stays on (in the comic) It has been an exhausting couple of weeks watching the voting but with one day to go (and about 70 votes in it at this stage) It's time to sit smugly back and appreciate all the support you chaps have given.


And of course, if you've yet to vote, go HERE and press the one that looks like this.

If we win maybe you get to see some of this meyhem!

And big thanks from me to The Man Behind the Meyhem! Bob Etherington for bringing me along for the ride!

*UPDATE* Vote closes 16 April (it's just I don't know what day it is today!!)


DC comic's The Question

As suggested by Mr David Wynne.

I'm still at the point where I recognise these guys but long past the point i know what it was they got up to.

I don't know how many more they'll be of these. They don't take longer than a half hour altogether and there's no pressure on them turning out any good. So they're quite a sweet break in the day.


The Flash

This one suggested by James Corcoran.

(i've a ton on at the moment and not much to blog from it, hence the continued DCU)


Green Arrow and Black Canary

Oh dear it goes on.

Suggested by Chris 'Reds' Ready


Other Wrestling comics.

Tag-Team-Tastic is finished (depending on your vote) But here are two previous Wrestling comic strips that i'd done. Much more drama than the TTT guys, and a few years old now. Repeated here.

The Legend of The Lion

Wrestling Wromance. The Full Heartbreak


Tag Team Tastic 6th a final round (maybe?)

Bob Etherington and my Tag-Team-Tastic finishes it's 6 part run in The Dandy as one of the 4 strips competing in the Strictly Come Laughing. I have no idea when the vote finishes but there's still time to put in a vote if you haven't, to see who might stay on in the Dandy comic.

6 strips, 6 panels

This is our button.


Continued mangling of the DCU

Colour fiddling. An effort to finish something before I have to get to work.



Inspired by the FP blog's post on Aquaman at the weekend, I took a shot at the slippery fella at the day job today, in my moleskin.

Coloured in while running a bath (ironically?)


ScareKrow Character

From the previously mentioned proposed project.


"I pity the April Fool"

Same gag every year but better than an April Fool gag.