The Blue Lula

The only two pages of a story started in a Seawhite sketchbook in 2005.

That's as far as it went. A Magical Sea Artifact which has special powers falls into the possession of this guy, who works out what's going on while being pursued by maniac surfers in a seaside town (not this one)

In the end something wild happens and they live happily ever after. Or die.

Right, back to proper stuff.


pmgl said...

more of of those is of course unexpectable i guess.

Unknown said...

I love the panel composition of this. Do you deliberately draw the borders skewed, or is it just the rawness of drawing directly to the page? I love how every panel has just the right amount of visual interest to wow the eye and keep it moving for the story's sake.

Unknown said...

Fantastically dynamic.

Btw, will you be at comicon this year?

WJC said...


I do like the quality of hand drawn borders, it particularly fits these pages. not always suitable depending on the story but I like the livelyness it can give.

Sadly, not a Comicon, every year i say 'next year . . .'