Goo Girl takes a chance.

By clogging Dr Pipes pipes, the incomprehensible jazz cacophony ceases. If the jazz stops the primal chaos cannot manifest itself in our reality. The crisis may be abated but at what cost?


What is going on with Dr Pipe and GelaTina.

Dr Pipe had torn a hole in the world, and primal chaos was spilling out. A conduit, conjured from outrageous jazz by his trumpet fingered dark instruments, channeled wild elemental forces into our world. Though GelaTina could wrestle the rascal himself she could not imagine how to tackle the mojo that was leaking into our reality.

Then she had an idea . . . .


Marzmartha has the skills.

The Martian princess has the experience and the aptitude to take on The Chaos and the jazz, however she was a long way from the unfolding crisis.

Meanwhile, in the street outside.

The Volcaknight has trouble finding a practical application for his powers. Effectively he is just a bruiser. His meteor fire makes him a formidable adversary against the Sound Worm conjured from the Jazz and Chaos. But he has no apparent means to tackle the source of the crisis, Dr Pipe and his dark instruments.

And GelaTina's running out of ideas too.


Goo Girl faces Incomprehensible Jazz

Dr Pipe reveals his control over cosmic chaos, regulating the primal forces through his Jazz Hands. Leaving GelaTina to face the music.


Sketchbook Thanks

I'm pretty happy with the way this blog is going, so far. It was plannned to turf a ton of stuff out of sketchbooks and tidy it up whilst sorting out a proper website, which has still not happened. I'm starting slowly to work the blog out. I'll make proper use of the 'labels' sometime and hopefully plan 'story' posts ahead of time rather than knocking them out within minutes of my daily deadline/ bedtime/ shift start.
Importantly today though, i'd like to say a thank you to anyone who visits this blog, spending their valuable time. A big thanks to anyone who offers their comment/ suggestions/ criticism in the relevant spot.
Especially, a hearty 'Ta' to Mark at badlibrarianship and Elliot at sandwichbag, both of whom are in the links over there and should be linked right here but in truth, the means to do that is still beyond me. Check out their Blogs, you'll be the better for it.
Here's a picture each as a cheery thanks.


Valley of the Kings

The Invaders held the upper hand. More than twenty five Titans had been reported worldwide, their resolution was solid and we needed to fight against them. But how would we fight them? How could we fight them?


Westminster Falls

In time we realised The Titans in their familiar forms were not the true source of danger. That they were vessels controlled by a unknown and malevolent adversary.



Panic Stations.

They would tread a devastating path through our world.


Apache Squad Lima meet The Titans

Others suggested it they were a punishment from God, specifically with reference to the bit about false idols. Initially, The Titans were an enigma. Then their purpose was revealed.


The Titans come to town

Their presence was in immediate frenzied debate. Many beliefs insisted that their Gods would bring about the end of the world in their own particular way.


March of the Titans.

When they came they brought confusion and wonder. That was to be quickly followed by the horror and the fear.


Under the tread of The Titans

The giants appeared without warning. Their presence would change the world forever but their existence was going to change everybody in it. Everyone who survived.


Here come The Titans

CO19 face the first of The Titans that descend on London, it will be a hard time before sense is restored.


3 in a Row

I got another picture in The Guardian today which makes it 3 saturdays in a row.

Secrets of The Two Ronnies

Luxuriating in their success the pair had themselves a mermaid brought to their fancy hotel suite.


Here comes the rest of winter.

And here comes one of the gentle inhabitants of snowy northern lands hounded by the dreadful giant snowman, Great Beef.