Big Scary Night In.

Mary Shelley was born on this day (1797?) Here she is delivering the first stab at her monster classic to her wine soaked poetry buddies.

For Eastwing news blog.


The Klams

After a hard days shushing what's the best way for any Bad Librarian to wind down ?


PotD Round Up

- Posted at the jetty waiting for passengers in crummy weather.


Sean Connery

Who is now 80.


PotD Round-Up catch up.

Passenger of the Day Loner.

I've run out of time this morning to finish a decent round-up and I have something of a back log but this guy got finished. He has the second roundest head i'd ever seen.


Bad Machinery

This afternoon John Allison posted an invitation to ink and colour some of his pencils on his excellent Bad Machinery.
Dan Berry, Adam Cadwell, Phillippa Rice and Jonathan E all joined in superbly and prompted me to try one. This one.


PotD Round up Souvenir

The plan is to have the whole seasons PotD on a colour poster by the end. This little thing will come with me to Comica Comiket tomorrow (link to follow)

- Posted on iPhone.


Solipsistic Pop 3

I was asked to participate in the next issue of Solipsistic Pop and am very happy indeed to join in with what is a fantastic project. Hope my strip fits in ok.

A panel or two peak at Rob Davis' contribution.


Gungle Panel

6 posts in 17 days? Man that STINKS! Hopefully a few things may creep out and improve this augusts posts but time is too rare of late.

Here's a new Gungle panel to make ammends.


Camping/ working #2

(different project)

- Posted camping with The JC5


Camping/ Working

- Posted on holiday with The JC5


SunnySide Year 1

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the superb Sunnyside Podcast. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is a source of great joy. Tweet them a congratulations or anything else for today's anniversary cast.

Keep up the smashing work, Scott, Ron and PJ!


Things are stirring in the Gungle

But this time i must resist the urge to post each picture and panel.


PotD Mon, Wed, Sun, Tue, Mon, Tue, Wed

There was a gap for my sisters wedding and a change of order for compositional reasons.



Got me a copy of No.1 Carspotter yesterday in the post from the great people at Walker books. A really enjoyable book to have been involved with too but the nippers have got it so I won't see it for a while.

Much better link here to a preview too (Thanks Jonathan)