MCM Gungle Sketches

Now in colour.


MCM Expo

I'll be at the MCM Expo this weekend, in the comic village, happily neighbouring the heroic Rob Davis who'll be making a packet selling his sweet prints.
I will have my usual gear but also this new A3 Hot Dog and Sweary Bear print.

Also, a new photocopier comic and a bunch of coincidentally Wild West themed original art.

Just saying.


Wizard Week

This is my contribution to Timothy Winchester's Wizard Week. Wizards aren't something I've had much practise with but Coffee Magic certainly sounds a worthy area to excel in.


Lizz Lunney's Grizzly Bear Thursday

I'm dead late with this but I happily sent Lizz Lunney a bear for Grizzly Bear Thursday some time ago (for which I received a handsome badge or two in return) And I'd encourage you to do so, too! Also, very pleased to point out that for '2nd timers' Lizz has put my bear onto a fridge magnet as a reward! Lizz will be at this weekend's MCM Expo (nearly right in the middle by the look of the map, and in the opposite row to me) and I hope to get me a magnet.

This was my bear, i'll be doing another.

Smug Note: The Great Peter Lord of Aardman bought this bear print off me at the Bristol Expo a couple of weeks ago!


Gungle Friday

I suggested to a few people at the Bristol Expo that I'd post sneaky progress of the Gungle book on fridays, and I think i'll try and do just that.



After Bristol

I had a cracking time at the Bristol Expo, though have been 'Non Stop' since it was over (my comic con suitcase is sitting behind me with some of my swag as well as my own gear still in)

Any post con post is going to be so full of missed inclusions that i'm too nervous to try it. Below i'm linking to the first 5 I remember right now: Isaac Lenkiewicz, Bertram Fiddle, Zarjaz and Boo Cook

I would like to link to Flix Gillett (comic creator) and Nick Dyer (CRACKING old school 2000ad art style) but they've yet to get a web presence to link to.

Also to Dean Beattie who was at the con but I didn't realise til yesterday (as I never left the Mercure site)

As I didn't leave the 'Small Press' part I didn't get a chance to buy the book I mainly wanted to get, David Hine and Shakey Kane's The Bulletproof Coffin But I got it yesterday and it's a belter.

Here's my go at The Coffin Fly

(First issue Free here)


Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo

I will be there this weekend! At the Small Press part (table 77 no less) I'll have some prints, some artwork and associated odds n ends for sale. Sweary Bear stickers and a few comics too (6! panels below)


West. Stray Bullets

Angry Candy (Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable) will have a new West one shot (Stray Bullets) out at the Bristol Expo this coming weekend and I got to draw Fort Eyrie, written by Andrew Cheverton.

"Stray Bullets . . Written by Andrew Cheverton and illustrated by Jenika Ioffreda, Emma Price, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Paul Rainey, Tim Keable, and Andrew Cheverton.
Debuting at the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo, 14th-15th of May. Six stories, six artists; 32 pages for £3.50"

Angry Candy



This is going to be AMAZING!

Despite my inclusion!! Seriously, I am so proud to be part of this MASSIVE project more details at Blank Slate who are publishing it and on Rob Davis' blog who is responsible for it's creation. Also, more at the FP Blog.

The book will debut at Thought Bubble in November this year and I cannot wait to see it.

Spirit of Hope

This here's one page (unlettered) of a 2 page strip written by Jason Cobley for The Spirit of Hope book, put together by The Comic Book Alliance in aid of support of the victims of the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Some great work from the project can be found popping up on the net, like this beauty from Declan Shalvey Out for June I believe, will keep you posted.

Gungle Delay

Gungle progresses at achingly slow rate at present and it's release has inevitably been effected. In Blank Slate publisher, Kenny Penman's own words 'WJC is hacking his way through the foliage towards completion but it's going to be around March next year now'
I'm pretty disappointed to put it off but getting lost in it's completion with take my mind of the gloom, so that's what i'll do.

Here's a double page spread if you're keen.

Birdsong 2

I'm very much looking forward too Birdsong 2, Birdsong/ Songbird 1 is a cracking anthology and has been something i'm very proud to have been involved in. I'm very sad and sorry to own up to the fact that I could not make the deadline for #2 so they sail without me. I'll keep you posted on all of it's progress as I hear. The next part of The Defenders of Albion should appear in Birdsong 3 later this year.

Been utterly busy and poorly organised and it has effected a lot of work that I have been doing, day jobs and drawing jobs. The mad business is clearing however and the disorganisation is getting organised.

The Klams 80's week

The Klams have been 'doin' the eighties' this week and here they are all collected, either at Bad Librarian Mark's or direct form The Klams themselves. My current favourites are their Ramones and Lita Ford covers so far but that'll change.

I was very pleased to offer a public peep at the transport that gets the guys and their music safely from the bunker to the internet, The Klamjet.



Von Trapp

New British Comics #3 is out and about!

Von Trapp is my 9 page Vampire Wild West contribution.

It was reviewed on the Forbidden Planet Blog yesterday (Hooray!!) and has also been reviewed at these places;

Small Press Big Mouth
Geek Chocolate
Winter's Wonderland
Sex, Drugs and Comic Books

Thanks all.

If you're persuaded by those you can buy it here or here.