PotD Season 1 The End

Next one's next year.

MCM Post (covering the cost of badger damage)

I'm at the MCM Expo this weekend, Sat and Sun by the looks of thing now. Here's the swag i'll be bringing in an effort to cover the cost of badger damage, seasonal change and chimney sweeps.

Also, I'll have a few of Rob Davis' wonderful A3 (not the big A2 beauty) prints that went so well at BICS.


The Challenge

Old Red Eye is ignoring the challenge from the young contender and, a moment later, will be punching his neck right off.


Sunday in colour

Sketches I did yesterday, coloured in when I got home.


Ghost Riders

Working Sketches (sketches I did at work)


BICS and Convention Sketching

I had a smashing weekend at BICS, haven't got around to a post about it yet (and may not) but briefly, the plusses were EXCELLENT people to spend good time with and lots of comic greatness to enjoy. The minuses were, not enough money to spend and doing my back in carrying my goods back on sunday.

I was asked for a few sketches which I was happy to attempt. Very excited to be asked to do this, a Hellboy and Red Demon (from my Kani comic) picture. I loved trying it out but wanted to have another (better) go, and here it is . . . .

Oscar, who asked for the sketch, if you want this sketch as well then email me (email in the profile) and i'll send it to you. Let me know your friends name by way of ID or a password (the guy I did Captain America for)

Anyway, Kani is nearly sold out of it's first print but if anyone wants to buy one let me know, £3.50 plus p & p.

Also, don't forget to buy prints from table pardner Rob Davis


Punch Up at BICS part1

*CHANGE OF PLAN* As BICS was so wonderfully busy the punch up was postponed and fist are flying between now and MCM, results available at Thought Bubble (hopes)

There's going to be a punch up at BICS this weekend. Will suggested me and he do a sketch punch up jam thing. His contender is this dangerous lady mine is the Sergeant. We'll be passing a sketchbook between ourselves and smacking out some fighting moves. If it turns out well we might see it as a comic at MCM.

- Posted en route to BICS

Punch up at BICS part 2

This is my contender, Sergeant Peppar. Drawn on a very wobbly train having run out of time this morning. I'll do a tidier version when I get a minute.

- Posted with blogger for iPhone which isn't all that helpful.

Kani at BICS

Kani the book (A5 20page comic) arrived late today these will be available at BICS and also from me via email and patience (email in the profile)

The 'main goods' of the book are up for grabs and would be available for sale, though they may be pages or parts of.


Kani Poster

A3 Kani prints arrived today, as did the PotD Season 1 prints, some badges too. All going to BICS, all for sale otherwise, email if you'd like.

Fingers crossed for the books now. . . .


Passenger of the Day Season 1

While at work out and about on the harbour or out at sea this year I had little time or energy by the end of the day to draw as much as i'd like. However, this Passenger of the Day excercise proved very useful through the summer. Happily, I was able to pester the world of twitter with the various updates. Here are a few.

Celebrating the end of Season 1 with an A3 poster (should be at BICS).

They'll be one final round-up however there's a day or two left at sea this year.

BICS this weekend

The Birmingham International Comic Show is on this weekend and I'm looking forward to my 3rd visit in 3 years.
This time though, for one day only (sunday) i'll be exhibiting too! I got the table The Etherington's will be ROCKIN' on the saturday.
I'm on half a table in the shadow of the magnificent Rob Davis who will be bringing some excellent gear. I Cannot wait.

I'll have a variety of stuff of my own, some already seen, some new. I'll put the stuff up here as an exciting preview as it comes in. What? it starts friday and your aren't organised???? Well, it's in the pipes. Here's something I prepared earlier.



Bad Machinery

Pleased as punch to have been able to join in with John Allison's Bad Machinery whilst he's having a holiday. A wholly enjoyable comic and I love it very much.

I've only put up one panel so go and peep at the rest. Guests abound while John is away loads of great stuff to see and also coming up.

Thanks for letting me join in Mr Allison!


Kani Panel

Perhaps a bit indistinct but a Kani panel nevertheless.

Deep Sea Diving Samurai smashing hell out of each other.


Working a bit on Kani.

If things go ok, this fella could be ready for BICS and MCM etc. More info later, gotta hop.


When drawing goes bad

Inspiration comes/ frustration is released while making mushroom risotto last night.