Passenger of the Day Season 1

While at work out and about on the harbour or out at sea this year I had little time or energy by the end of the day to draw as much as i'd like. However, this Passenger of the Day excercise proved very useful through the summer. Happily, I was able to pester the world of twitter with the various updates. Here are a few.

Celebrating the end of Season 1 with an A3 poster (should be at BICS).

They'll be one final round-up however there's a day or two left at sea this year.



oh man, i love this, and there's a space on my wall here that's crying out for one :-)

is there any way of getting ahold of one [as i won't be at BICS]?

Mark Kardwell said...

Ditto. So much better than my neighbour's Simpsons poster.

pmgl said...

So noice. Juste a great serie. Plus there is the sea.

WJC said...

Thanks chaps.

Anyone that wants one can email me and we'll sort it out. (email in my blog profile)

I'll get a shop one day

Stevyn Colgan said...