Robert Ball and myself have started a comic and a tumblr, Dangeritis

It's a webcomic at this stage, a webcomic in progress. We do a lot of talking about comics and have had more than our share of 'what if . . ' conversations so collaberating on a project seems uncharacteristically sensible. We both have a mighty amount of work on the go at present and penning the worlds best comic and then provide the worlds best art (all without spoilering every step as we are awful show offs it seems)  seemed unlikely.

As the comic pages turn up (and we are 3 in already) other works will appear and not all our own. But as the required pages are met Derek Danger's adventures will be printed in traditional form too.

Keep an eye on it's development if you're interested. Also, we will be exhibiting at next months London Super Comic Con more on that soon.


Surprise from Will Morris

So pleased to see this pop up on twitter last week, the SUPERB Will Morris drew Hunch Parsons

Will Morris' Hunch Parsons
I'm sorry that Hunch is lost in the weeds at the moment. Work will continue after i've finished with a couple of projects. An unspoken resolution of mine is that i'll not be carrying any current projects into next year, so they'll all be done by then (but you didn't hear that right)

Will Morris' book launch

Will's beautiful book The Silver Darlings, published by Blank Slate Books is officially launched at Gosh Comics next month. I recommend you get it at all costs, a wonderful volume.


Sketching with a torch

Added to ink doodling last night as there was a torch within arms reach so I experimented slightly with added lighting (and atmosphere?). Taking photo's of actual drawings and mucking about with filters like instagram can offer results that may not be reached otherwise.

In the dark

In the Inn

Shadowy Characters

The colouring for Shore Leave was an attempt to reproduce to some extent, the look of pencil on paper drawings photographed in poorer light. So it's worth using filter apps however snooty photographers get. And worth posting WiP pics along with weather shots and your dinner.


The Lovecraft Anthology II Now digital

Harley and Randy up to no good
One of a bunch of highlights last year was the chance to be included in Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology II (Blogged here on it's release)

My cover in progress.
Self Made Hero have now taken some of their titles digital including The Lovecraft Anthologies. The first is a superb volume and they also have Ian Culbard's excellent adaptations available. Looks like they are suitable for most kindle formats.

I love a bit of H.P.

Happy (not so) New Year!

Right, lets start this again. Lots on, lots to tell, lots of excuses to make.

But first, here's this.