Undead C n W and The Klams

I had no intention of posting this here today as it was put up earlier this week in molesketch (?!???!!) form. I did put this ink redraw of that sketchbook original in my shop though (warming up with me lightbox).

The main reason i decided to put this up is the fact that it fits so happily with The Klams latest issue, Ghost Riders in the Sky (i'm still trying to get the other bugger to work on my machine) Anyway, you'll all be checking The Klams regularly so you'll all know what i'm talking about.

*UPDATE* Got 'Ghost Rider Motorcycle Hero' and it's a beauty too!

Now, back to work.

Past Project

These pages are from a story by the majestic Bob Etherington that we worked on a few years ago now. Superb fun and a first collaborative go (for me) at putting together a submission. Over the years the submission has gone on and developed and changed in various ways, now unlikely to be seen in it's original plan or with me working with it. SO I take this opportunity to show a couple of pages i've been sitting on all this time.

You know, to see what you think?


Dandy Day #5

Tag Team Tastic Round 5 is out in The Dandy today

You can cast a vote to keep it in after 6 strips or cast a vote for someone else if you prefer (i'll never find out)



I'm really enjoying The Lovecraft Anthology at the mo. Though i've not found time for it all yet, i've loved every story so far.

So, I did a quick drawing and coloured him in, this morning.

Tribe of One

The Originals

The A6 moleskins of the drawings that went through the apps.

Not a great 3 days, No drawing sat, drawing sun, no drawing mon.


Messing with fx apps.

More sneaky moleskinnery that gets photograped (badly) smashed through assorted iphone apps. Mainly, Hipstamatic, Instagram, and iphone pshop.
One up there was photographed in the drum of a washing machine.

This one is just a drawing dropped in a kettle that's lit inside when on, and photographed. No further fiddling.

Needs some work.


Captain Winston Bulldog

In the thick of 'projects' at the mo. Here's a pic of Jason Cobley's Captain Winston Bulldog I did last week after getting my hands on the collection of his adventures reveiwed at The Forbidden Planet blog and found to buy here.

Loads of fun.


Sweary Bear takes a spill

'cos it's been one of those days ALL OVER.

NBC #3 In the shop now!

It is, go and have a browse

Also, Von Trapp Original A3 art, Birdsong/ Songbird Anthology and other stuff!

Tag Team Tastic Episode 4

New Dandy day! And Episode 4 of 6 of Bob Etherington and my Tag Team Tastic is in (my favourite TTT episode i think) Voting continues and this time with an improved votometer. I say improved as it's taken TTT from last place (behind a button that's was labelled 'Not in Use') to poll position, for now.

Have a read and vote for your favourite.



New British Comics #3 is out. And can be ordered from the site, also from me in my shop (top right) tomorrow.
Including the talents of Lawrence Elwick, Dan White, Craig Collins and Iain Laurie , John Miers, the splendid Wilbur Dawbarn and David Ziggy Greene.

Nine of the eighty pages are mine.

If anthology roulette is your thing then it's worth a punt.


Susanna Hoffs vs Maniacs

Pencil on A6 moleskin dps. Then instagram THEN iPhone Pshop. Where will it end?

- Posted at work.



Jonathan Edward's Inspector Cumulus

He's nearly here! You can pre order Jonathan Edwards Inspector Cumulus from Crazylabel right now.

I drew him.

So did Joe List and Dan Berry

and Jonathan.


Dandy Day Again

Hey! Dandy week three and Tag-Team-Tastic is hotly contesting a place behind a voting option that is Not In Use.

If you like the strip let me know but if you don't like it, let me know too! Next time I could do it different

I enjoyed doing it very much and very much hope to continue.


Live pencil action

I've always been keen to try this out and to be honest I thought i'd make it as fancy as possible before posting it anywhere. But I haven't. Tried it this morning with a new camera. First go on iMovie and first Youtube upload. There are likely to be more, though any expectation should be for exactly the same as this.

Slightly odd seeing myself draw. A lot like seeing yourself walking or hearing your own voice. Interesting.

Z Cars Theme by Johnny Keating & HIs Orchestra

The Shoot


Quick after Expo post

I had an EXCELLENT SPExpoat the weekend. Loads of ace people coming to chat, lots of people who told me they read or have read the blog or flickr.

Thank you all, it was great to meet you.

Shortly after arriving and setting I was presented with a Kani themed birthday cake expertly decorated by fellow Birdsongers Will and Lou

I did not buy enough comics while there and did not see everyone I wanted to but I came home having had my best 'con takings' day so far (been to 6 now)

While all this was going on, I had a cover in saturdays Guardian newspaper.


New Swag

Some newish swag i'll be selling at SPExpo tomorrow.

WJC Comic #1 (catching up with WJC Comic #2) and contains Angel and Metal, both previously published so not new strips.

Variety pack for a short while has 6 Gungle postcards, 4 badges and a Sweary Bear and Hot Dog sticker.

Some Kani Fancy packs, which includes a Kani comic, A5 original art and A BADGE!

Also my usual gear; A3 Gungle, Kani and Passenger of the Day prints, assorted A4 prints, Birdsong and NBC comics, postcards and original art (most likely)

The Bull defeated

Panel from Defenders of Albion for Birdsong/ Songbird #2



I did my first Comic Cons last year, this is the pile of gear I took to sell. I'm planning to do them all again this year starting with the London Comic and Small Press Expo at Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London this Saturday 12 March. Come along and browse, chat and buy!!



Sort of a follow up from yesterday. Where I showed my sketchbook progress. I always liked the way drawing come out in sketchbooks and translating them to 'artwork pages' often upsets some of the character of the line or drawing. I don't really manage whispy lines well, more sort of a stab at the page. But i DO do underdrawing.

Here are the roughs lines for the Vampire Whorehouse spread, thinking and planning while drawing.

Then I stick the Layout Pad page over and build on it from there. I've piles of layout pads and marker paper pads for bringing sketches out of sketchbooks for finishing, easily best for short deadline commissions.

Vampire Whorehouse dps for NBC#3

But 'freefall' drawing is great if i'm feeling bold and often the results are more satisfying. Gungle thumbnails, in the main are around 3cm for a page then go straight to paper, sometimes in the bin but thankfully not often.

This A3 Forty Apes drawing on bristol board went this way, though no thumbs and Underdrawing free.

Though i'm saving for a lightbox, that looks fun too.


Process Post

Drawing at my day is something of a necessity, it gets in the way enough. This is another moleskin drawing finished off in Pshop.

I took the opportunity to take these process pics with my flipping awful phone camera while doing it. I'll try this exercise again sometime with some better gear, these pictures make Boggy Creek and Loch Ness Monster footage look positively 'HD' but I hope you get the idea. Taken between 11:59 and 12:36 on sunday.


New British Comics #3

New British Comics #3 will be out this month it seems! A smashing cover by Lawrence Elwickand strips from some of the previous artist and new too. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Will Dawbarn's.

This is a panel of my 9 page strip, Von Trapp.


Lightning Season Page


One panel from my strip for New British Comics #3


Dandy Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow's Dandy will include the first of 6 strips of TAG TEAM TASTIC! with Bob Etherington doing words and me doing pictures. I'll hand over to Bob at this stage as he is far better at these things than I.

The strip is one of 4 that will be in popularity contest of sorts over the next month and a bit, readers get to vote who gets to stay (at least that's what I think is going on)

I certainly hope it's enjoyed by one and all, let me know (whatever you think)

The Marquis

A few years ago I did fan art for the superb Guy Davis' superb Marquis Diableries. I love his work and really enjoy (in a grim way) Inferno. When I was recently asked by the greatly talented Graeme Neil Reid to draw a Marquis piece, I jumped at chance and very happily sent the art to Guy Davis who seemed to like it enough to post as my second appearance in the Diableries.

This all cheered me up no end.

Coincidentally, having been away from home these last few days, I return today, to find delivered, a pile of B.P.R.D issues to catch up on. More cheer.