Prelude to a right hoo-ha.

A moment before the Java Jug gets noisy and messy.


Swedish Hero interlude

Though I've been unsuccessful in completing the next part of 'The Crapodile Coffee Shop Massacre' I did mange to squeeze in a bit of Kapten Karl escaping the Troll Station, though I should have been working at the time.


The Mystery Jogger

While the Crapodiles and their mac 10's head, with menacing intent, toward a nearby 'Java Jug' franchised coffee shop, a night jogger runs her usual route. Both parties unaware that their paths are going to cross.


The Crapodiles come up packin'

Some sewer dwelling miscreants up to no good, surely they'll be someone around to sort them out.


Unlikely Batarang Action.

With a 'brick' theme.


Proper Pod Race

Further continuing the theme of 'other peoples characters' he's a ripe 12 yr old piece from a Moby Dick series I did at college. I sold it too!

Batpage 2 (Batpunchup)



Continuing in the theme of 'other peoples characters', I hope to get round to the rest of the punch-up sometime.


Ape punch up.

He said he liked the Apes I drew so I sent him this too. No Angela Lansbury in this one though.


Bedknobs 2 re-visited.

A couple of months ago, I found myself prompted to see what it would look like if the magical residents of Popperinge-Eye might have faced the sinister might of the Ragnarok Project. Mark at Badlibrarianship passed the link on, which found its way to Mike Mignola. who, as it turns out was very complimentary about it all.
Big thanks again to both Mark and Mike.

The dapper Silver Javelin


Nelson gets the job.

I'm not sure it's exactly what he expected.
(they'll be a proper adventure as some point)


The Interview continues . . .

Admittedly, Nelson new little about science but he genuinely wanted to work 'for the greater good'. These people seemed nice too and the cakes were great.


The Champion.

Nelson goes for the interview.


Apres Night Life

It would occur to Brian, on occasion, that despite his former life as a Rock Star, his current enthusiasm for Astronomy, Quantum Physics and Moon Gazing seemed to lead to greater scrapes than he'd previously encountered.


Meanwhile, at the Troll Station.

In case anyone was wondering how Elka was doing with those trolls.
Hopefully, the gaps between posts will be getting shorter, for a while at least.


Drinking in the Heavens

On all previous occasions where Patrick had attempted to 'consume the stars' he'd yet to get from Kochab to Polaris without puking his guts out.


So the sun comes out and then . . .

. . . . all the fellas in town put on their beach clothes and woolly hats!


The Polar Bear Man

On sunday we did our first walk along the beach and back. We were happy and comforted to see The Polar Bear Man was once again out in his element.


Patrick's Beloved Tattoo.

Inevitably, telescopes and guitars away, the ales would come out. This in turn would soon lead to Patrick, once again, revealing his beloved Map of The Moon.