What i'll mainly be doing the rest of this winter,


Hunch Parsons

. . . those two comics I owe you.


Crash City Pencils

(it's all pencils)

- Posted from phone while cooking



Never been good at this, got some lovely cards and have posted none. Sorry. So here' s my festive cheer to one and all.


Die Hard (1965)

Starring Dean Martin as John McClain and Sammy Davis Jnr as a skinny Sergeant Al Powell.


Christmas Repeats

Here's that grumpy christmas greeting from last year, in similar doldrums at present. Though prompted by Mr Andrew Cheverton (Angry Candy maestro) here he is (hopefully, should be) available for hi res download. Unfortunately, it bares all the smudges and mistakes at close view. But if you have someone in mind for this particular bit of cheer then print it and send it too em.

I totally forgot to point out that both myself and Mr C were reminded of this pic when it was posted on the splendid Hey Oscar Wilde!'s tumblr. Thanks Steve!



New Parsons

Here's another Hunch Parsons page (the Right of the spread this is the Left for) The book is not being completed in a sensible or prescribed order but is teaching me lots of lessons in 'better ways to do comics' which is part is what the intention was.

Hellboy sketch coloured.


C3 P-O'd

- Posted right at the end of my nightshift.


Inevitably coloured in


A Lansbury

It's been Angela Lansbury week on the mighty Timothy Winchester's blog and I had to do an Eglantine Price from my favourite Lansbury movie, Bednobs and Broomsticks

It also give me an opportunity to dust off these Bednobs/ Hellboy mash-up pics from my youth. (ahh, the good ol' days)



Gungle Con sketch coloured

Last month (actually, very end of the month before) I did this Gungle sketch at MCM Expo. Found it today and gave it a quick colour before going into a colouring marathon on other jobs.