Another one of the Dirty Thousand.

Looks like 2011 is going to be more of the same round these parts.


Buy WJC stuff!

After a load of fruitless pondering i've dipped my toe into a Eshop HERE Only 5 items up for sale (keeping under the free shop limit) til we see how it goes.

What better time to open a shop than a post recession post Christmas boom.

Oh well, done it now. Contact me by email for commissions too if you're keen.


The Dirty Thousand

Birdsong 2. Where the Defenders of Albion get smashed up by the Legion of Bastards (3 of the Dirty Thousand pictured above)


10 year old pirates.

2010 was a massively eventful year, mainly good, sometimes crappy. Loads of things got done and I will try to collect some of it's activities to post, however that is proving a slow and complicated task and may get left behind in favour of ploughing into the work for 2011 with a run up.
So, here is blog post 700. In line with the point of this blog so far, not so much to produce splendid and precious work but to keep me drawing and keep my drawing and thinking lively if not always any good.

These guys are pirates I drew in a sketchbook at the very beginning of 2001.


Christmas Soup of the Day

Fenny Delamer's Christmas Treats.


Potter (Telly sketch)

It is entirely likely any posts over the next few days are going to be telly related sketches.


Winter Solstice

It's the Winter Solstice tonight. So it's the shortest day of the year, which I have to admit I always find slightly sad. I find comfort being sandwiched between to long dark nights. I like winter.

This pic was for the Eastwing agency brochure, I had December.


Seasons Greetings!

Penned in a moment of gloom and frustration, now a handsome Christmas Greeting!

- Posted while snowed in.


Tucking in 2010

Two characters (one previously posted) from The Defenders of Albion for Birdsong/ Songbird 2.

Battling to finish work on this, Weird West for NBC#3 and Angel 2 for Pirat #3 then it's Gungle all the way.

(and the others)


2006 A year on the phone

I've just got back from a work/holiday to Florida that I did previously in 2006, while reminding myself of the photos I took there I also remembered this project. With a fairly tiny pictures available on my camera phone I decided to take one everyday of 'something' for each day of the year. Mainly a compositional exercise really but I always wanted to get this full year up in a giant frame on the wall. 12 months later, 365 days on 12 A4 pages.

Not thought about posting it before.

The Coconut Robot meets the Lightning Season Lady


Blank Slate 2011

Blank Slate Books have posted their schedule for next year here. Of course, I am extremely excited that Gungle is part of that schedule (slated for August) but even more so looking at what else they have on the way. There books are amazing and easily worth a buy. I feel very lucky to be a part of that gang.

Now, to finish my book.

Lightning Season Page

Lightning Season Panel


Sweary Bear and Hot Dog T-Shirt Puzzler

I'm going to do this as a vinyl sticker but want to ask what should go on Sweary Bears handsome yellow t-shirt. (Hopefully) there should be a poll on the right (closes monday 11pm bst)

Gungle Pics

Been busy of late but squeezed out some Gungle sketches. Got around to colouring a couple in.


Hero Lunch

- Posted after visiting the Captain America Diner


Out of the Office 2

Harry Potter conversation

Mission: SPACE

- Posted far far from home.


Out of Office

I am far from home at present (Working in one if my day job capacities) hence the long gap. I am also far from a scanner and the like but do still have a pencil and sketchbook, here's a couple of spreads that I've found time for.