The Annotated Weekender Week

All finished for the birthday week celebrations. Here's another of mine (and the bigger picture with first time lady who got left out) Presumably it's back to solo Joe List good stuff at TAW, pay it a visit.


Yo-Yo's come back.

Mark Millar posted an 'I'm looking for an unpublished artist to work on his next big idea project' Wether you're likely to pitch in or not, there is a wealth of art now on there of many varying sorts. Plenty of friendly faces too (I won't mention them as I'll forget someone or other i'd want to mention)

Special thanks though to PJ Holden who give me a leg up onto the forum ('cos I couldn't work out what I was doing wrong) Thanks PJ, here's a posing shot of Yo-Yo and Kid Yo-Yo. More to come, sometime.


HUZZAH!! Page Thirteen

HUZZAH!! Page Thirteen
Had the idea around 13.30 yesterday at work, finished sometime round 01.30 this morning, in between work.

Hey, and here's a bit of rough. I changed my mind with the descending Baron Kazam (who i'd been busting to draw) and his air grapple pose.

The Annotated Weekender Part 1

Joe List's superb Annotated Weekender blog is 1 year old and to celebrate he's invited everyone to join in and annotate saturday's Guardian Weekender supplement to post during this week. Mine are already up there but this one doesn't qualify for entry in my opinion as I cocked up the drawing first time round so fixed it in Pshop which I don't think should count.

Things been awful busy lately, might be making headway though.


Catching up in The Gungle

A good run of single panel Gungle peices that'll be going up on the flickr (coloured possibly) asap.


Goin' Blowin'

Spent the weekend in Edinburgh, my first visit. Saw a few sights though mainly the inside of bars. This fella was part of a 'tag team' piper gang that 'owned' a corner on Princes Street.


The Hunting Party Page 10

Last of The Hunting Party at this stage. Stil,l another 30 or so Gungle drawings left for the 100 Days.


Mantis-Cutting and Sticking

One hand for lunch, other hand for this fella. I'm enjoying having a nice big finished 'thing' rather than an overstuffed hard drive (this guys a full a3).


The Birdsong Anthology.

It's out! Not seen mine yet but you can get your own here

A superb collection of variety. Under the leadership of Will and Lou with superb contribution from David 'Tozo' O'Connell, Shakino and the super talented and highly complimentary Sarah McIntyre.
And me,

I had hoped to do a much grander post to announce its arrival but I have no time for nuthin' at the mo and I did want the world to know!


The Hunting Party Page 9

Penultimate page for The Hunting Party though 35 more frames still left for the 100 Days project.


Hard Work Day

Here's The Nun, drawn in the last fifteen minutes! Today has been a drawing nightmare but battling on.

Spellingtons resurfaced.

Recently found at home, two more of The Spellingtons.

- Posted on the move.