Solid State Tank Girl Out in Trade

I have not gone on about this as much as I should have, sometime soon I'll do a big old post about my big event of the year but for now, just so's you know Alan Martin's Solid State Tank Girl is out as a hardcover collection from Titan Comics. With me drawing.



I was asked to Participate in The Monster Club show in Bristol last month. A grand show full of great stuff. My piece was an A1 (33.1x 23.4") monochrome print (some still available at full size) was a view of a rowdy night when a monster hits the shore. Specifically the shore of the sea town I'd had drawn for Shore Leave. Now named, Quinthaven.

I also had two other images prepared of the night, the originals where at the show but I had planned a 'posterbook' also to be available there, unfortunately it did not make it. It is now available at my shop, should anyone fancy one.


Jonathan Edwards handsom cover.
I was very VERY happy to have been asked to contribute to this children's comic anthology earlier this year. BOO! debuted at Thought Bubble last week and has sold most of it's copies already, my last 3 could appear in my shop this week. Featuring 4 page strips by me, Andrew Waugh, Jamie Smart, Jonathan Edwards, Gary Northfield, Paul Harrison-Davies and James Howard.

Previewed at the Forbidden Planet blog here Follow any further BOO! news, particularly looking out for a 2nd print and hopefully continuing issues on twitter @BOOcomic

Thanks to Andy and Paul for asking me along, I love the book and am privileged to be in there with that host of talent.

Brown Outfit Wolverine


Dangeritis in print (and digital download)

My compadre Robert Ball and I are proud to announce DANGERITIS is now in print (and digital download) Available at The Great Beast Store NOW!

The story so far. Printed in epic, glossy and tarty technicolor. 44 8.3x11.7” pages of action

Battle Elephant

Been a while.


Commission Update

Still wrestling with the last outstanding commissions, they're getting finished and sent out soon. As are a few shop bits that have been waiting to go. Then, when all is cleared, i'll start the commissions up all over again. Though, if you are going to be at Demoncon this sunday, then i'm doing some A5 b/w ink art to be collected there at £15 a pop. Hopefully paying for petrol, coffee and motorway pasties.


Make It Then Tell Everybody

Dan Berry is a Champion. If the U.K comic community were put altogether on an island, he would be made Prime Minister, no doubt. PLEASE check out all his work here.

Since last October he has been making hosting the 'Make It And Tell Everybody' (almost entirely) comic podcast. I have enjoyed each episode greatly and learned a lot listening in to the chat and creaming off all the best secrets of how these things are made.

At the 2D Comic Festival in Derry a couple of weeks ago (something I MUST post about) Dan recorded a conversation with me and it got posted today. I do a lot of 'Um'ming and 'Yeah'ing but it was good fun.

To be fair, the whole weekend was excellent and a lot of excellent comic chat was chatted, mainly loudly on a street corner, sloshing pints and swaying in the chilly evening air.

Have a listen to the Pod, lots to be learned. And if you do, please donate a bit too.


Andrew MacLean's HEADLOPPER

It's out TODAY and available from Mr MacLean himself here
I was very pleased to do a pin-up for the issue (amongst some righteous company) This is it.


Bristol Comic Expo

I am at the Bristol Comic Expo this weekend, plying various wares, selling prints and drawing and biting my nails at the imminent arrival of Solid State Tank Girl #1 next week!!



I'm going to be at GOSH Comics in Berwick Street London on saturday enjoying their Free Comic Book Day celebrations and painting Tank Girl on their window. Loads of great people in attendance and lots coming for the fun. It'll be my first FCBD in years where I haven't spent the day at sea. So i'm looking forward to it loads.

(Perhaps not one for the window)


1000. Apparently.

This blog has been thoroughly neglected of late. I'll try and keep up but lots of work (which is exciting), bad organisation (not so exciting) and the combination of twitter (@warwickjc) and instagram  (@wocco) has meant this blogspot gets left behind.

I had a birthday recently and was given an A3 Moleskin sketchbook which is getting sporadic attention to wind down when all other drawing is going nowhere. Still the best way to relax, even when work has been to draw all day.

I'll post more up as they get done. Anyway, this is Blog Post One Thousand.

Off Life and The Unvisible Man

Off Life comic issue 4 is out in many Bristol and London bars cafes and available top download free from their site. I have a single page strip in this one amongst a bunch of cracking strip, including a beauty from Dan Berry.

Mondo's Game of Thrones Exhibition

The Hound

Last month I got the opportunity to exhibit with stella artists in Mondo Gallery's Game of Thrones Exhibition. A superb chance and I was proud to have my work hang there.  Here's one of a couple of videos of the show online.

Above is the inked artwork that was exhibited (and sold) and here is a digitally coloured version I couldn't resist trying out.

Also, I tried a Samwell as well, in fact he was my first plan until I got a hankering to try The Hound

Samwell tarly

Webtrip Season 1 The Album

Last year I was very happy to have been asked to participate in the WebTrip project. It was great fun to do, watching Jules and Romane travel Europe 'hosted' in 10 different countries by 12 artists from those places. I look forward to seeing Season 2 starting next month (particularly as I know some of the excellent artists participating)

Season 1 is available online (as will Season 2 be next month) but last years story is looking for funding to become a superb album. Please have a visit of the site and maybe even back the book!




Robert Ball and myself have started a comic and a tumblr, Dangeritis

It's a webcomic at this stage, a webcomic in progress. We do a lot of talking about comics and have had more than our share of 'what if . . ' conversations so collaberating on a project seems uncharacteristically sensible. We both have a mighty amount of work on the go at present and penning the worlds best comic and then provide the worlds best art (all without spoilering every step as we are awful show offs it seems)  seemed unlikely.

As the comic pages turn up (and we are 3 in already) other works will appear and not all our own. But as the required pages are met Derek Danger's adventures will be printed in traditional form too.

Keep an eye on it's development if you're interested. Also, we will be exhibiting at next months London Super Comic Con more on that soon.


Surprise from Will Morris

So pleased to see this pop up on twitter last week, the SUPERB Will Morris drew Hunch Parsons

Will Morris' Hunch Parsons
I'm sorry that Hunch is lost in the weeds at the moment. Work will continue after i've finished with a couple of projects. An unspoken resolution of mine is that i'll not be carrying any current projects into next year, so they'll all be done by then (but you didn't hear that right)

Will Morris' book launch

Will's beautiful book The Silver Darlings, published by Blank Slate Books is officially launched at Gosh Comics next month. I recommend you get it at all costs, a wonderful volume.


Sketching with a torch

Added to ink doodling last night as there was a torch within arms reach so I experimented slightly with added lighting (and atmosphere?). Taking photo's of actual drawings and mucking about with filters like instagram can offer results that may not be reached otherwise.

In the dark

In the Inn

Shadowy Characters

The colouring for Shore Leave was an attempt to reproduce to some extent, the look of pencil on paper drawings photographed in poorer light. So it's worth using filter apps however snooty photographers get. And worth posting WiP pics along with weather shots and your dinner.


The Lovecraft Anthology II Now digital

Harley and Randy up to no good
One of a bunch of highlights last year was the chance to be included in Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology II (Blogged here on it's release)

My cover in progress.
Self Made Hero have now taken some of their titles digital including The Lovecraft Anthologies. The first is a superb volume and they also have Ian Culbard's excellent adaptations available. Looks like they are suitable for most kindle formats.

I love a bit of H.P.

Happy (not so) New Year!

Right, lets start this again. Lots on, lots to tell, lots of excuses to make.

But first, here's this.