Station 6, Crash City

No dialogue yet.


Flash Gordon off the telly.

Got hit hard and fast by a stinky cold during the weekend, all usual unpleasantness ensued. Had a sick day yesterday (stayed asleep) Last night however, I though i'd treat myself and my pencil hand to drawing Flash Gordon. Superb fun, a true cure.

These drawings were managed between 1.30 and around 6.30 am.


Lightning Season doin my head in.

Lightning Season DPS fiddling has gone and done my head in. More thought later, i reckon.


Tintin, Snowy and Haddock

A brief pencil interlude yesterday, coloured today.

Busy ness abounds at the moment, much to much to do and fit in. I'm behind with most things so sorry if you're waiting for something or other. I need to do some sort of belated post after the FANTASTIC Thought Bubble festival last weekend, great to see so many ace people. Thanks to all those who came by.

On my way to Thought Bubble, I stopped in Bristol for part of the Animated Encounters festival. Screenings and signings with the superb and excellent John K. A great view of some of his own selected shorts (that's me, there, behind the guy) and later a 'Desert Island Flicks' event were he introduced some of his favourite cartoons. Highly enjoyable, though I missed the chance for a sketch, which were also excellent.

Lastly, Nelson is at The Cartoon Museum tonight, gutted to miss it but there's more this week.


Thought Bubble

Right, i'm off to Leeds for Thought Bubble which looks like it's going to be amazing. Nelson is out at the Blank Slate stand, most of the artists will be there over the weekend, I will be signing at that table 10.30 on sunday. My table is in The Armouries site where i'll be as often as possible but it looks like i'll be wandering off a fair bit to see all the good gear.
I'll have much the usual stuff. Prints, drawings, Kani, Lupinita etc. Hopefully, some more NBC's (if I meet the right contacts) and four new postcards.

I will also attempt some sketches for those that want but I do still suffer terrible 'shakey hand' drawing at these things, maybe this time i'll conquer those heeby jeebies.

See you there I hope!


DPS fight

Battling, struggling even, with this Gungle dps (Lightning Season) Here are 2 of the 11 panels. Also, a screen shot where i've removed the line art and find a much grander artwork than i'd planned.




Vworp Vworp!

I was very pleased to have been asked to contribute to Vworp Vworp! Issue 2. Been waiting excitedly for it to come out and and found it propped against my front door this morning. An ace magazine with a wonderful high quality feel. Check out some interiors here.


Major Grubert Commission

Moebius' wonderful Major Grubert. A commissioned sketch for the guy who has previously got me to do this. Thanks James.


The Guy Fawkes 5

Bonfire Night tonight, last year I did a drawing of these guys. Did another in the small hours this morning, much the same probably.

In 1605 a crack commando unit where sent to The Tower for a crime they did not commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security dungeon to the London underground. Still wanted by Parliament, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and you can find them, maybe you can hire The Guy Fawkes 5.


Hector Umbra

Hector Umbra fan art.

Uli Oesterle's Hector Umbra is also available now in an english translation from Blank Slate. A fantastic story and superb artwork. I really enjoyed it. And Oesterle, along with the brilliant Mawil will both be over here for signings and such later this month.

New gear in the shop

Updated the shop a bit. New original drawings and the Lupinita comic are now available for those that want.

NELSON is out!

Really REALLY exciting news! Nelson is available to buy NOW.

"Nelson is a 250-page collaboration between 54 of the UK’s most exciting comic creators. It is an unprecedented experiment to create one complete story – a collective graphic novel."

Helmed by Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix and published by Blank Slate Books, Nelson was always a dream idea but these guys have gone and made it happen. I was very excited to have been asked to contribute what turned into 4 pages for the book though excitement started to turn to amazement and disbelief as the list of contributors grew and then the work started to be produced.

It is an amazing book and a must buy. I cannot wait to get me a copy. All profits from the book go to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

Available now from the Blank Slate Shop but debuting at the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds (19th-20th Nov) Then Nelson week continues.

One panel of my art.


The Lady and The Coconut Robot

Did a project swap today 'cos all others were going n o w h e r e .


The Wake of the Princess

Next Season's Big Cosplay Hits

A prediction

Dan and Jamie go to MCM

These jolly guys, Daniel Gould and Jamie Parnell made a video of their trip to MCM. Interviewing comic creators, con goers and one idiot.

Suddenly, i see the benefit of wearing a cosplay disguise.