Lupinita's Guitarra De Los Muertos

Finished in photocopier form in spring this year 'Lupinta' (WJC Comic #3) is printed proper and will be at MCM Expo this weekend. With me.

Atlanta vs Marina Punch Up

A surprisingly vicious fight between two characters from our beloved Stingray series. Prompted by a welcome late night text from Mr Woodrow Phoenix

It was a bit of respite from digital colouring last night and did not really go into the realms of drawings captured on camera (plus fancy effects) that I have wondered about sometimes. But did turn out to be a pretty lively bust up. Not very Stingray.

Here should be a decent Troy Tempest from the same show.

MCM Expo this weekend.

The MCM Expo kicks off this afternoon at the Excel Centre in big ol' London. I'll be at the Comic Village but not til tomorrow (and Sunday). Come and try it out, the queue to get in is a whopper and it's over a tenner for entry but it's a whole new world inside, with many, varied and skilled comic creators schilling their wares. I'll have my usual gear, the newest comic I'll have is a 'proper' print of the wild west dead comic I had in photocopier form at Bristol.

And original drawings for sale too.

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Doodled this while watching the film for the first time in probably 20 years yesterday. Blimey.


Meatballs* are Forever


Mr Wint and Mr Kidd about to skewer 007

Bambi and Thumper flipping 007


Coco Tiki

Here's a drawing I did last night.

Photo'd it on my newer camera phone, much better quality than before and as a consequence i'm mucking around and posting more pictures. Also discovered instagram actually has a likes/ comments/ follow thing going on. Will get sorted with that.

This is a scan of the A4 pencil. It's a Hunch Parsons page.

Decided to skip the 'Parsons tone' right now to experiment with some colour. I genuinely haven't decided yet if it's a success or not. That decision tends to drift in later on. But that's no reason not to post it.

Mr T Superman

Ain't gettin me in no plane- I'll go by myself.



Rescued from the bin. This time.

My Misses and Mother in Law have been sorting out the loft. A ton of stuff has been charity shopped, recycled and binned. 'Nanny' rescued a pile of drawings from the turn out. These are a few, first panel is at least 15 years old from a short lives comic volley by fax.


The Wolfman on Nightshift

Fighting to stay occupied at quiet times on night shifts is not a problem, I'm gently catching up with those projects that are left behind but there are times when the brain goes out of tune and the intentions aren't matching the production. The last four nights i've switched to autopilot and have been ink sketching The Wolfman in it's entirety.

Chances of spoilers but only if you can actually see what's going on.


Star Wars Gags

Bossk and Dengar in Bespin Starbucks

Dagobah Hot Tub Party


Parsons sketch

Hunch Parsons, Barbara and Officer Percy



No.1 and The Firebird

The second of Atinuke's fabulous No.1 Car Spotter books is available from today published by Walker Books. And as with the first, illustrated by me. I love the stories and the characters. Hoping that i do justice to Atinuke's creations.

Red Frog

Also, drawn last night.



Dredd and dinosaur (maybe Satanus though I might have made him meaner) Drawn without reference sometime in the wee hours this morning even though perfect reference had gone up around the same time on the Forbidden Planet Blog, hailing the arrival of Brian Bolland's own Blog.


Stormy Blue Characters

These guys are for a project that I worked on earlier this year. Ultimately going off in a different direction and leaving these guys and others, behind. It happens.

Also, another illustration of were, after the fact, you realise some of what you thought what reasonably original may have sources elsewhere. •coughTRONcoughACCELERATEcoughhackchokesplutter•