Sailors boozing with a mermaid

Continuing to re-unite myself with my pencils/ drawing arm. Negotiations appear promising.



It's been a woefully crummy last few days, especially with regard to drawing and work. Hoping things are on the up now though.

A Grand Day Out (a while ago now)

On sunday I had the great privilege of meeting up with both the Legendary Mick McMahon and the dazzling Robert Ball where we took ourselves to the Edward Burra exhibition in town here. The show was excellent, seeing his work 'in the flesh' was an eye opener. Much bigger scale than I ever realised with massive amount of detail that i missed in the few library books I ever managed to find on him.

After which we had a bunch of burgers and beer and talked about cats and football. A great way to spend any day.

I also got hold of one of Mick's A3 Last American prints which i'd been after for some time.



Yeah I know, but at least it's not Mel Gibson or Russ Abbot


Playing with pens

Which happens on occasion

(N.B I keep forgetting that blogpress knackers the images that I upload, so I've edited the post after)



Return of the Jedi (in scruffy sketch form)

With my brain knackered but pen hand still twitching i've been recuperating with some Star Wars fun. Eventually these will be coloured and the film finished (the others too most likely) But this is a restorative exercise so it's going to take forever.


Snitch WiP

(PiP-Page in Progress)