One of The Village People

'Comic Village' that is, and contemplating getting a coffee.

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Packing for MCM

Packing the old bag for The MCM Expo this weekend (sorry no link yet) I'll have a few bits, some comics (NBC, and Birdsong) though a thin stock for a collection of reasons. The 2000ad fanzine Nu Earth will appear with my ABC Warriors strip there but Kani will not be there in comic form. My trusty pen hand will be available for sketches for petrol money. Though my first attempt at a 'con sketch' at the UKThing left me a shakey wreck for a full hour afterward, more practise needed!

- See you there.



Nu Earth at MCM

Sadly not Bristol, through no small fault of my own. Will's 2000AD fanzine will be coming in late but be here it will!

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Crazy Kids on the flight over

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One I prepared earlier

As I'm nearly on a plane, who knows how posts will turn out for the next week.

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Deadlines, day jobs, volcanos, dogs and seaweed

Things at this time are in a sitcom crisis that should become funny eventually (fingers crossed)

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Blank Slate will be publishing the Gungle book!

All early stages of course but Gungle should be in print by early next year if not before. Collecting the pics and strips of the last couple of years with new strips too. Should be in Gungle technicolour, over a hundred pages of wildlife and possibly, a larger format than Blank Slate's current line (all of which is excellent) I'm dead happy.

Also, I realise that I've not been very organised with the Gungle art that people where after. Anyone who enquired and bagsy'd a piece could still get it, give me a prod by email, and sorry that you may have been dangling.

Hammer Head

I'm having to miss next weekends Bristol International Comic Expo but Chamonkee's free Nu-Earth 2000AD fanzine should be there, which will have an ABC Warriors strip by me, amongst other excitement. I however, will be at the MCM Expo the following weekend, on a table on my own, so say 'hi!' and mind my gear while I go for a drink/ wee.


Kani Page

Still confident 'Kani' means crab.

I'm doing a few things I cannot post (especially ABC fanzine pages) so this is here again.

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta (1928-2010)

Reminding myself of Frazetta's work yesterday I found that his influence runs to my very core. None of these where swiped intentionally but his work is very thoroughly imprinted on me. They'll be plenty of other examples i'm sure.

Fortunately, I know i'm not alone. RIP Frank.


Samurai Diving Crab Story Interior art

If there was any, this is what it could look like.


March of The Titans. Giant Size Repeats

Legend of Lenny 'The Lion' Bennett

More repeats! Last seen in Wrestling Month (March) last year. This is up again as I posted it on the CLiNT call for entries!

I hadn't remembered the dog was also called Clint.


10 Minutes of drawing today . . .

. . . that's all I have squeezed in so far today.


That was yesterday, inked and coloured today.


Lord Captain

The 'End of Level' baddie character.

*UPDATE* Here's a cracking undersea samurai scene by Andrew Garrison, cool crab!

'nother 'Crab' character


Happy Shrapnel

One of the ABC Warriors I haven't tackled yet. (Who's left? Mek Quake, Mad Ronn, The Samurai one and that new lady?)
Anyway, Happy Shrapnel will not be in my strip in Chamonkee's 2000AD fanzine available at Bristol BICS this month, so I thought I'd try him out now instead.

I'm not sure how this ziptone thing is going, let me know or send me some tips.


That character is meant to read 'Crab'

I hope it does!


In friday's post.

Some considerable while ago it feels, I illustrated my first published for money book 'The King's Shopping' which is currently available on Amazon for the princely sum of £0.01p + P&p

On friday I got some hardback copies from the korean reprint which they coloured in too! Which was really nice to see. Thanks Korean market!