"It's CollaGen time again!"

In an effort to put down the fork and spoon and wine and beer and pick up a drawing implement here's a go at Peter Criss. It's to celebrate the fact that I was given a ticket to the KISS Sonic Boom Tour next year. Our tickets get us inside 'The Golden Circle' at Malma Stadium, though I dread to think what that entails.

Last minute Cold Gin/ Collagen gag superseded any Crissmassy jokes which is just as well as The Cat and The Space Ace are only there in make-up as Peter and Ace are no longer with the band, again .

Happy New Year! If this is the last today.


The Good List

I'm not on the list as I wrote no cards to no-one. I meant to but never got around to it. Or finish round 2 with last years catastrophic Dr Who story. Or do the small multitude of work for the people that I wanted to. Will do soon.

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

Will Dawbarn, Sean Phillips, Matt Badham and the rest of the Huzzah!!! gang were not forgotten but cropped (with any other omissions) in my view of Santa's Good List.


Goo Girl takes out the Christmas Spirits

(EggNog and Snowball)

Third (Splash) Page

Na, this one's going to need another go, but it is 21 of 100.


Second Page

For daily Gungle, see the flickr


Bat Beat (Jonathan E's title)

What's more exciting than being in a 'Guess the artist competition? Having someone guess the artist is ME!!? Or option 3, drawing Batman whacking his tubs?


Dan and the Nun.

This is my blog. It's got my pictures on it. It's got a few pictures that the nippers have drawn but other than that it's ALL MINE. With one exception. In 2008 Dan McDaid did a version of Elka of the Swedish Heroes. I am still excited he did it and like to remind myself every now and then.
Here he is again, this time his Nun with two Guns, and a technicolour beauty she is too. No guns? No problem, all action.
There is something going on with the Nun, it will be revealed but just not yet.

Already, I'm sheepishly remembering the exceptions Sorry Jonathan. They 'll be others, let me know.

New Nun!! Marco's done another beauty!


Gelatina Vs Randolph the Red Nosed ReinOtaur.

Christmassyness creeping in. Getting bolder at the prospect of another one so soon after last years Disastermas. Here is Goo Girl in action once again (ignoring the GG strip that is yet to be finished) against a suitable festive foe.
This post is dedicated to Pimpernel who kindly invited me to contribute a Christmas list for his blog, which I just about managed in time. Some cracking artist have contributed, recently I.N. J. Culbard and Francesco Francavilla with the prospect of Guy Davis and Mike Mignola before the big day, Phew!
Thanks for the invite Pimpernel, and for the high praise.

Swirling Vortex Photo

David Dr Who Tennant was on telly last night, this is a photo of him taken on my phone through an empty beer bottle (Old Thumper)


Nun with 2 Guns (in a hurry)

Rapid sketch (20 mins in pen) of the Nun on a bike (without reference so excuse it's lack of whatever)
But mainly links to Joscha Van Deijk for his fan art double bill. And to conspiratorial compardre Monkeyfeather for doing a much better job with his end of this whole enterprise that we've begun.



Done today, in a hurry, very late for The Birdsong anthology, sorry Will and Lou.

First Page

Though the #100 day project is now at day/ picture 14, this is the first 6 consecutive panels of a story. Done without a load of planning and a bit of panel shuffling, this is page one of The Hunting Party.


Creeping in the Creepers

Second #100 project in my A6 sketchbook which will be tricky when I flog the drawings off as planned.


Fan Art

Sneakily in sketchbook today at work. I'm just a big fat fan what yer gonna do?


The Hunting Party

Gungle Queens prowling the on the hunt for a very special prey.

The next 20 or so #100 days project pictures will be a strip. They go daily on the Flickr but i'll wait til they're a whole page before sticking them here.


Gungle Moon

Tribe of One takes some time to contemplate the moon.


King of the Gungle Queens

6 in a series of 100, others here.


Nun with 2 Guns

Trying to get my first Nun with 2 Guns story to fit together. It could be entitled either 'Air Pistols' or 'The Hostage Farm'

More Nun with 2 Guns links @ PMGL and Workhorse.


Comica/ Observer Graphic Short Story non entry.

Again I missed the deadline for the Comica/ Observer Graphic Short Story. Actually I missed it twice this year as they extended the deadline. After a shark mad night last night I'm prompted to get this out. A panel of my four page plan.

Check out the contenders and winners. There is so much great stuff there that having a winner seems beside the point. I hope the get collected n some form.


Mummy Death Hotel

Taking the nippers to swimming this evening, all three rattling on with their own conversations uncaring wether anyone was listening or interested. At some stage I realised the New Kid (5 now and that makes him newer than the others) was enlightening us on the subject of 'The Mummy Death Hotel'.

Gungle day 3 on the Flickr where it will be now if not here.


100 day project, Drawing 2.

The Coconut Robot

So after the kids got to school and did a 12 hour shift, I got home and put pen to paper for the first time today. Done in one go, no rubbers, no plan, not great really but I suppose this is how the hundred day thing will go. It's not going to get in the way of stuff on the go. It also won't be a day to day feature on here, most likely a weekly round-up or something.

Anyway, he is still The Coconut Robot, autonomous Gungle dweller.


Bad Drawing Day Decision

Today has been a stinker for making any headway with the projects on the go. So progress has been stimulated by deciding to join in the Hundred Days Project. I plan to get through til March 10th producing an A5 or 6 image per day. By the end I'd like to flog the lot to raise some cash to publish some work. I reckon i've got a lot about that could go into a book. It should not interfere with the many other 'on the go' jobs and a small drawing can be enough to get the 'pencil engine' going on the crap days.

Thanks to Rob Davis the subject will be Gungle.

Here's the first, Tribe of One on a lofty limb.


Pub Diver

Bit of a lazy post but i've done more than one a day this month. He's a pencil drawing stuck to the other side on the pint glass's condensation.

Or is he wandering in the lime and soda. Would have been beer but I was at work.


Sherl and John out.

Working on a different submission

A long and slow development, this one. Older than our kids.


Working on a submission

These guys might be getting a bullet from The Nun.


Wild Things

Right, now that's out of my system, on with some work.


Switched back to pencil and Pshop for this one.



No time for drawing til the very end of day and I decided to try brush and ink for a change.



I hadn't read a Daredevil comic for a very long time but got one 'added' to my latest comic pick up (a fairly complicated and unusual system). I'd forgotten how much I loved the character, And though I hadn't a clue what was going on I might have to get the next one.

Lazy monday morning post.


The Nun With Two Guns

Sometime soon, there will be an explanation for all this.

And I forgot to link to James Corcoran's Nun. I've linked to the blog rather than the post on it's own so you can enjoy his Leopard of Lime St. on the way down to his nun.


Thought Bubble

Saturday I'm going to Thought Bubble so I can see copies of NBC#2 being frantically sold on the Smallzone Comic stand where it's available. I'll be lurking unattached to any where trying to encourage people to buy one. Leonie O'Moore, fellow NBC'er has a table there and further fellow NBC'er Tony Hitchman may also be present.
The Birdsong/ Songbird anthology (which has my 'palindromatic story' will not be there as hoped but will be along at later date, and worth the wait judging by what's coming along. And some of it's organisers and contributers will be about too.
Hopefully, i'll have a bunch of small Ragnar sketches with me to sell to pay for the petrol home.


Keep on the Sunnyside

Just listened to this weeks Sunnyside podcast which was a great as ever, even a little more so as 'I' got mentioned (favourably) which made my morning. So I had a brief go at Yo Yo and kid Yo Yo's YoFO which was a bit hurried but everything else got pushed out of the way for a bit.

This is my first go at the father and son crime-fighting duo from a while ago, invented by the 10 year old PJ Holden, and here is the first go at The YoFO

Go and subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already for all the comic opinion you need (apart from this of course). 2 weeks now without Kay's catalogue abuse!

Walrus Man/ Ponda Baba/ Bumface

Sadly found chewed to bits on the boys bedroom floor this morning. Messier job than Old Ben ever did.


Big O, Little A.

Today's been a rotten drawing day so I took a big swerve to get one done.


Always time at work for boredom

Though I was in the pub I was also technically at work (hence the lemonade). I found myself drawing people (in this case an Eskimo Babe) and then photographing them through the bottom of my glass.


It's been a while.

Maybe i've been neglecting the Wrestlers.

Nun Con Dos Pistolas

And two pistol packin' links, Marco emailed me this beauty and Rob posted a real classic (and speedy one too)

Go and do a Nun with 2 Guns.



Gungle. Trumpet Migration

The Tribe of One observes the trumpet migration from a safe distance.

Process, skip to the end.

Process Progress

A bit more.

It's struck me that this is unlike most other pictures of mine as it's not getting done in one sitting. Having scanned the pencil I mess with the 'curves' in Pshop, sidestepping any inking! Then try out putting in colour. This time starting with texture from two of my favourite sources, a page of red ink and crayon scanned and a photo of some pals in a Belgian bar.

And see where it takes me.


The Nun With Two Guns . .

. . . . she's on a mission.