A quick warm-up drawing and overdue post.

Tension and peril in the jungle as The Tribe of One wrestles wild brass on a high precipice.


Jazz Club

Today proved to be a very difficult drawing day and in the midst of project breaks, hard won lines and insubordinate mark-making, this appeared. After which I got lost in the colour world of photoshop at which point I decided to leave it all alone for the day.

I do like the idea of going into a record shop to ask if they've got something that sounds like this?


Monday morning monster post.

I endured a truly dreadful Yeti movie last night, co-starring an ex-power ranger (spd red) though I cannot remember wether he got eaten or not. But it reminded me of this thing, a couple of years old now and hopefully not previously posted.



Here's my 2 penneth entered into Will Kirkby's 'make a monster to appear in The Sea' competition. Alas, I did not romp home with the grand prize but it was jolly good fun to do.


"mon chat Splash"

The Yellow Mark, Page 34, Panel 9. Captain Blake reveals to Professor Mortimer the device that would allow him to continue his investigations while continually enjoying Plastic Bertrand's hit 'Ca plane pour moi'.


This is Art

This is Art, he has a magic pencil . . .

. . . and pen and crayon and marker . . . .


The Big Namedropping Day Out

Sometime ago now, during the early stages of The Cauldron's rampage, I went on a 'link jammed' trip to London. I talked comics in a comic shop with Rufus Dayglo (signing Tank Girl stuff with Alan Martin 1-2 this sat at Forbidden Planet, London). Then met Jonathan Edwards, Feltmistress and Will Kane for further comic and cafe fun before visiting the superb Jon Burgerman exhibition which was wonderful. Topping it all off with a visit to Chris Garbutt at work. What a cracking day it was! Belated thanks to everyone for a great time.

Up there's the Dapper Luchador in a 3 piece pinched from the Burgerman exhibition.