Passenger of the Day also at Comiket

Here's the first PotD Round Up of the year (and the 3rd season of Passenger of the Day)

Also, late but now here, Season 2 in full (2011) A3 Print, also at Comiket.


This Saturday the Comica Comiket festival is on in London at the Bishopsgate Institute. There is a resplendent list of attendeesand it promises to be a grand do indeed! I will be selling my usual wares sharing a table with the splendid Robert Ball who will be selling excellent stuff also.
The hall is free to enter and, as you may pick out from the links, there will be a 'live Drawing Parade' where a bunch of artists will perform pencil wonders which will be displayed for ALL to see on a mighty screen. I myself am number 8 on the list of 13. I will have a pencil in one hand and crossed fingers in the other hoping my 'con shakes' don't get the better of me. After which, each artist will be available for book signing. I should be also, with copies of Blank Slate's Nelson and Self Made Hero's Lovecraft Anthology 2 both of which I have art in (of course)

Though everyone in attendance deserves a mention I should just point out that Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell are both there, new proud parents of a bouncing baby publishing venture, Great Beast, congratulations!

Finally, the pimping. New to my table is a limited to 50, numbered Gungle print. For those not able to get to Comiket, it is also available in the shop.


Billionaire and his Robot Outfit


I have plenty to say about this one but i'll leave it for now.




There is much to say about what i'm up to. This is one of several. More soon.