Merry Christmas!

For those who deserve it.


24. At last, time to celebrate.

The puddings, pies, cakes and treats where finished and distributed all in time. The staff at the factory shared a celebratory sweet feast with the zoo keepers. Glad satisfaction warmed the city in the chilly winter night, followed by the aroma of hot nuts and sweet fruits.

But what of that dastardly humbug?


23. He's going to find out who's naughty or nice.

At last, the engineer of the Christmas chaos reaches his sticky end.


22. The rescuers.

Disregarding the harmony now rampant in the factory, Randolph had gain the upper hand in his set-to with the red rescuer. The severest blow however, was stayed by the hand of a grateful stray, yet to return to his home.


21. The Finishing Touches.

Out of doors the remaining animals were returned safely to the zoo staff. The ingredients and kitchen chaos was collected and tidied. Pudding factory workers, zoo keepers and customers and anybody passing by had lent a hand. Peace crept through the chilly winter night.


20. A moments calm.

The strangers influence settled the brutes but the peace would not last long.


19. Benevolent Intervention

Randolphs nefarious actions had been noticed by a glad hearted stranger who tackles the ruffian appropriately. With the malevolent catalyst subdued the pudding factory problems should be resolved in time for Christmas.


18. Randolph stirs it up, again.

Unsettled at the growing harmony Randolph, again, raises the stakes. Whilst the factory staff and zoo keepers struggle to resolve matters, he takes his service revolver and sabre he incites the wilder animals to a frenzy.

Though someone has spotted this nefarious activity.


17. Wrangling Monkeys.

As it turned out, the animlas themselves helped to restore order. The zoo patched up its cages and the factory filled its gappy walls.


16. Slow and steady wins the race.

Despite Tarpin's point of view a steady resolve was making a difference and animals and festive delectibles were separated and returned to their respective quarters.


15. That smug humbug.

Much to the smug approval of the vile Tarpin who watch the commotion from his window. Gleefully savouring their struggle, the truly unpleasant swine.


14. The jungle charge hits the winter night.

Of course the wild rumpus could not be confined to the factory and the animal mob takes to the chilly winter evening.


13. All the little things.

The joined forces of the pudding staff and the zoo keepers set about the clean up and removal of all those animals gentle and small enough to stay still. While the larger and wilder beasts did pretty much what they liked, for the meantime.


12. Stock control and animal handling

Damage was done to both pudding stocks and to vital ingredient supplies. The factory staff battled against the misfortune and were abley assistant again, by the good staff of the zoo.


11. Proper crisis

At this stage pudding production was on an indefinate hiatus.


10. The wild rampage ensues.

The whole animal riot charges through the pudding factory, crashing through festive comestibles and industrial appliances with equal abandon.


9. Ka-Blango (The forces of nature vs cake and pudding production.)

The first explosions freed the zoo's wildest captives, the following charges steered the stampede toward and then into the pudding factory itself.


8. Randolph ups the ante

Randolph relished the opportunity to practice with his explosives and the timers tick on into the night.


7. Tarpins Fury

This good will clearly displeased the sour Tarpin who viciously resolved to escalate his assault on the pudding factory.


6. Nice people and nice cakes

Almost without exception, customers of the pudding factory were forgiving and tolerant of the unusual incidents. The zoo's kinder staff recovered and returned the beasts as they appeared and business continued as the Yuletide grew nearer.


5. The reptiles and insects march on in.

The ensuing cross contamination and perilous food hygeine was a real concern for the factory's loyal patrons.


4. Tarpin's Fiendish Resolution

Securing the obedience of the malevolent keeper of the neighbouring zoo, Tarpin attempts sly sabotage. Randolph pokes the wild beasts of the reptile house through the wall into the pudding factory.


3. An Unpleasant Humbug

Tarpin Espenny, corporate ogre and corpulent scumbag regards the Factory with disdain. It is happy and generous and many other things that he holds in contempt.


2. The Busy Workers

The Pudding Factory warms the heart of the city, especially at this time of year. The family of workers bustle and graft producing puddings, fancies and delectables for all occasions, special or not.


1. The Pudding Factory

Even though the day shifts are done the aroma of hot nuts and sweet fruits stray through the city in the chilly winter night.