Craptain Tigerman

A rapid rendering of Craptain Tigerman from the boy who brought you The Bloodkillers. If I get some time I'll have a crack at GorillaMagnum too.



Well I thought i'd fudged the Comica deadline but found out (right this second) that it's been extended til next month, so i'm still in the running! (Keep an eye out for Rob Davis' pages, i've seen 'em and they're Great!)

Jonathan-E put in his cover for Becks 100 Covers which is a cracker! There's some cool re-works there but still some great album on the list not represented. I don't think I can enter two but I did this one anyway.


Two Whole Years! Cut out and keep.

This blog is 2 years today (today now!). Massive thanks to those of you who come and visit, i'm encouraged to persevere. Let's see if I can be a bit more 'professional' by year 3.

Here's a 2 year souvenir. With a certain amount of fiddling, this guy will fit over the regular guy in 'Operation'. If anyone wants a hi res, let me know.

I'm sure I'll keep this up for at least another 2 years, hope you don't mind.


The Coconut Robot

A quick moleskin moment. Lightning Season is in the distance, but it is coming.


Lighting Season.

Every Lightning Season she comes to the Gungle.


The Thing/ 400

Today I overcame a day job related problem that has been a major hassle this summer. To celebrate, I went to see The Thing on the big ol' cinema screen and it was as fantastic as i'd hoped.

This is WJC post 400 and this blog isn't two years old yet.


What have I've been playing at.

I take a moment from a marathon of stuff to report and reflect.

This is my pin-up form Colin Lorimer's UXB. He has produced this 'preview' to his post-apocalyptic world where three super enhanced teenagers run free to persue their interest in video games, violence and porn. Contact him for a free issue (if he has any left)

This is page five of nine of a strip called Angel that I did for Mikolaj Spionek's Pirat comic. Details on it's publication will follow when I know.

Another Polish comic (Page 4 of 10) also being printed in English for New British Comics #2. I think, due to be published for Poland's MFK comic con in october (though i'll be at the Birmingham one that weekend).

And this, currently battling to finish, is a page of my strip for Will Kirkby and Naniiebims Birdsong/Songbird anthology. There will be a proper post on this later on as there're great people involved but tea is cold so break is over.


Eastwing Brochure 13 (Fusion)

This is my page (sort of) in Eastwing's new brochure, got it through the letterbox this morning. Lotsa great illustrators in there, I ought to link to them sometime.

*Update* Eastwing Exhibition is on this week at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London W1. Mon to Thurs 18th.


Back on Mellboron . . .

It wasn't long before the stress started to overcome the survivors of Lark 7's crash landing.


'The Apache'

What happens when a pencil is left unattended in hand.




If it were not for Mark at Badlibrarianship I may not have been prompted to start this blog in the first place. If it where not for his interest in my work then, a LOT less people would have seen my drawings now (some of those people being MAJOR influences of mine)

His blog is five years old today and is a must visit. Thanks for the times Mark look forward to the rest.


Friday afternoon frightener.

Coloured in while talking to The Bank on the phone.



All Nighter Failure

Coffee and carrot cake malfunction led to me conking out overnight so 'Ragnar's Charm' resumed first light.