Stand Off

Things are moving at a very crappy rate at the mo. Between day jobs, cold germs and 'unpostable' work projectsThis blog has been a very quiet place. This is a Gungle page that I am not 100% happy with but will sort out.


Moon Landing

Celebrating the first luna landing on this day in 1969, over at the EASTWING blog.

Also, for those non-believers here's a reminder of the excellent Darryl Cunningham's Moon Hoax comic.



Found this fella in my files today. Coloured in 2007, drawn in a sketchbook some time before then.

In the thick of a great weight of work, day jobs and drawing and other stuff at the moment and this was quite a reminder of how much fun drawing is and how much i love doing it.

Off to sea myself in an hour or two, though i won't see a crab like him.


Idle testing new brush pens

Bought 3 brush pens last weekend, spent my first five minutes with them last night.



LFCC Review

7 Con Goers Cosplaying the 11th Dr WHo

LFCC Today

Off to London's Film and Comic Con right now (starts 9am) Where Spirit of Hope debuts with many of it's contributors in attendance.

I will also be at the SoH table though will have a table of my own somewhere too!

- Posted on a train


The Barbarians

Moleskin respite from a crappy day.


Batgirl v Killer Croc

I've said before, "Have a good day, do a drawing, have a bad day, do a drawing" today was bloody awful.

Here's a re-draw and colour of a sketch from the winter.