Good on telly.

We are very much enjoying Chop Socky Chooks at the moment, though i've plenty of other things that I should be doing.


Ill-Advised nude wrestling t-shirt post.

Thanks to Rob and Martin for displaying their belated birthday presents.


The Kitchen

Always a popular place for a particular crowd.


Blog Party

So the gang came round last night to celebrate the anniversary. More pics to follow, hopefully.


Year 1

I'm pleased to have managed this blog for one whole year today. Though I had the idea for this picture some time ago I have not managed to do the full cast of characters that have appeared here in the last year but bashed this picture out this morning.
Thanks for dropping in if you do. Say 'hello' if you haven't already. I'm going to keep this up I hope.
Please let me know what you like and don't and if you have any favourites too!


Catching up, at long last.

Finally the first last three parts of The Java Jug Massacre. I've no idea what provoked the idea. It was not meant to be so long and certainly not meant to be left with a four month gap.
Re-cap at the link below if you're interested.


Out of the Blue (terrible gag)

Ever the Swedish gent' Kapten Karl holds open a 20 ton door for Elka in the Troll Station.
This started today as something completely different and careened down an wholly unplanned visual style.


The Cauldron's other monster

More 'Cauldron' preparation. Lady Goosefat, a right nasty piece of work.


Fruit (s de la mer) Machine

Here's an old one from a job that didn't go any further.


The Cauldron cooks another forest inhabitant.

Another try at The Cauldron. Not much different from the last to be honest.

Wrestling Wromance. 3rd Date.


Lucha Dora (aka Terrible Pencil Days)

I had resolved to make September a big post month as this blog creeps toward its first anniversary. Having not put anything up for nearly a week i have been battling to get something done and posted today.
Perhaps I should have battled on for one more day.


The Cauldron

Tarting around with ideas from a 2002/3 sketchbook, this is The Cauldron and will probably be the next actual narrative to go this here blog. There will be more tarting around to get the moody feel a bit more 'just right'.

It was a happy coincidence that this image was finished off to the sound of T Rex 'Calling All Destroyers'.


Wrestle City . . .

. . . . business as usual.


Wrestling Practice

With pens and pencils.


Planet of the Apes.

Having got through all that Dr Who/ Apes liveliness I found, sadly, that I had missed an opportunity to do one of their apes.


Happily Ever After

Very much liking Pierre's ending, and having made a prior stop, The Doctor, his assistants and Pierre Boulle took to a local cafe . .

. . . George Taylor however, now returned to his horse, futuristic cavegirl and rifle decided he was much better off after all.


A Different Ending

Having 'discussed' the matter with Pierre Boulle, The Dr and gang discover that the apocalyptic ending was not actually his design and that in the novel, humans simply become idle and The Apes took advantage.


Solace in The Tardis

Despite having found some solace in The Tardis' own Irish theme pub, Taylor began to regret going with the time travellers. At least The Apes had a sensible attitude toward fire arms.