Missed Opportunity?

I'll never know.


David Wynne's marvellous Ideasman. Catch up with Particle Fiction's progress here.


More DC dudes.

A6 moleskin in pencil then crappy iphone camera and mucked about with in the enjoyable Instagram.


Quick Catwoman hiding from Batman sketch.

After a day drawing wrestlers and prompted by a Bat commission i've done this was a quick finale before picking the kids up from school.

Later, 30 mins colour.


Pictures for Money

A bit of Kani art for sale in the shop to get some money to print some more comics (and buy some)


Tag Team Tastic!

I love The Etherington Brothers, they are fab. I have enjoyed their work and also their company on occasion for a few years now. And i'm extremely happy to announce (a little later than others) that Bob Etherington and myself will have six strips in the DANDY starting in March.

Featuring these here fellas, Huggles and Big Thumper, a tag team partnership of highly enthusiastic wrestlers.

A far better announcement in Bob's own words here, and excellent encouragement from Down The Tubes and the Mighty Forbidden Planet Blog.


More Star Fleet

Barry Hercules.


Star Fleet reminder

I have been catching up on Star Fleet recently (trying to persuade the nippers that it's fun) I had totally forgot/ never remembered that the Chief Lady Baddy, Makara, their own Darth Vader was;
A. barely dressed
B. Had her brain showing
C. Had a talking eyepatch.

The Black Spot

Line art of a panel in Angel 2.


Cop Show

A runaway train of thought.

Alan Day investigates the daylight world tag-teaming with Oliver Knight who gumshoes the sleazy after hours. No doubt each mystery climaxes at either dawn or dusk when the pair are united. Theme tune by The Kinks

I'll get back to what I should be doing now.


Gangsters in a Milk Shake Shop

Sneaky drawing while at the day job.


The Frong Queen goes stabbing

The frog costume is unlikely I grant you.


Finishing up 2010

We've got a few things still left after Christmas and the new year including a few deadlines that i'm dragging out. Near done though!


The Cosmic Archer

A bit of a brush pen break.



Sketched while watching my favourite Harry Potter (book and film) Prisoner of Azkaban.