Cop Show

A runaway train of thought.

Alan Day investigates the daylight world tag-teaming with Oliver Knight who gumshoes the sleazy after hours. No doubt each mystery climaxes at either dawn or dusk when the pair are united. Theme tune by The Kinks

I'll get back to what I should be doing now.


Craig Collins said...

Great stuff Warwick. It's the Ladyhawke of cop shows!

A Cheverton said...

Brilliant idea! It's got a lovely Randall & Hopkirk/Jekyll & Hyde thing going for it, plus the aforementioned Ladyhawke vibe, with a bit of Life On Mars clash. Oh, you've got my brain running now!

marco's blog said...

you need to clone yourself so you can finish all these ideas! great stuff as always.

WJC said...

Craig Thanks!

Bring that brain to the Expo beers planned ahead! We could compare notes.

Marco, that is so very true.Might uit be easier to make longer days instead?

Isaac Lenkiewicz said...

This is an amazing concept, 'the kinks' was my very own happy ending

Michelle Barnett said...

I have had that song in my head ALL DAY thanks to you, and I don't even hear the real words any more, just "Al Day and Oliver Knight" over and over and over.
For some reason that's really hit me on the funnybone and I may even have to do some fanart to get it out of system.

Seriously, can someone please make this for real? :D