Deep (Sea) Contemplation

Deep Sea Dave takes a moment to mull over the 'Grander Things' before going to work.


Princess Leia in Jabba bikini Fatigues

I spotted this picture drifting around the internet some weeks ago and was relatively relieved that I hadn't seen it as an adolescent Star Wars fan for fear of the effect it may have caused. However, had I seen this picture as a youngster, I would have undoubtedly suffered some sort of major limb sprain or gained a lifelong limp.


Drawing Practice with a Swedish flavour.

As it feels like it's been a while since i've sat down and done some drawing so i've made myself 'do a page'. I've decided to post it now and realize that i've made a pigs ear of it later.


Sketchbook Surprise

This was a surprise find this morning whilst looking for some pirate pictures from a sketchbook from 2001. I might have another go at it sometime.


The Spellingtons

With no time to fit stuff in that's finished i'm posting the first generation of The Spellingtons. An attempt to make the nippers spelling revision 'interesting' as they do battle by correctly spelling the words of the week on the back of each of the laminated characters. If they did ok in the test i'd add a character which is how after some weeks Gelatina appeared.

Of course, they're bored of them now.

I thought I might produce them and make a stinking fortune then I got distracted.


Lightweight fiddling

More marker pens/ photoshop/ monkey related fiddling. Back to pencils next, got work to do.


Heavyweight fiddling

Mainly today, fiddling about has ruled over all else and everything else has suffered. So here's another Monkey featured toe dipping into media experimentation. Marker pens and the first ride on a wacom tablet.


Day Job #2

Leaving the harbour after work yesterday, I passed a conspicuous trio. Two media types (camera goblin and daylight reflector lady) accompanying a Statuesque Lady in a mini dressing gown and jaunty sailor hat. Several times I resisted the urge to turn around and drive back to see what they were up to. I decided I might prefer making up what might be underneath; racy naval uniform, salty sailor tattoos . . . . .


New Minotaur Shock

Here comes some more of that special Minotaur Shock sound. As next month Amateur Dramatics, album number 3, is released in 11 parts for download and I have the pleasure of joining in again. Here are some peeps at the characters that accompany each of the 11 individually and specifically priced tracks.
And Minotaur Dave talks to Stephen Merchant on the 6Music (listen again after about 1hr 20mins)

Monkey Fun

Today, I have been practicing with a brush pen and I am in New Nib Territory. Prompted by Mr E Cowan and Mr J Hewlett I've had a go at Sun Wukong (Mr M Magic)


Day Job

While I was at 'boat work' today, the elderly lady who lives by the jetty appeared asking 'do you know anything about guns? I CAN'T UNFASTEN THE BAYONET FROM THIS RIFLE' She then wandered off muttering 'It's not usually a problem etc etc . . .


Meatball Sub

K├Âttbullen's Swedish submersible. I new I'd get round to it one day.


Dr Who punch up.

Tennants Super smacks Davros one (knocking out his Blue Eye) while Tennants Extra overwhelms the other Daleks and Tom Baker slaps Hitler with the fantastic Dalek Caan. In the furore BA and Jet attempt to disarm the reality bomb.

At least that's how I like to remember saturdays finale.


Oh say can you see . . . . .

. . . . . that tiny little guy whacking away on upturned bins and buckets with drumsticks? Here's a souvenir from a visit to San Francisco last year, specifically Market Street.


Ben Bramble

Here's a bit of one of those long thought about story ideas that recur through my sketchbooks every now and then. Sometimes the stories start with an actual narrative to fill out like The Pudding Factory. Others work the other way, slapping bits of ideas around until a story somehow connects them together.

This is a sketchbook page showing a Zombie Highwayman who goes on to terrorize a country hotel. It's one of slapping together ones.


Dream Doctor Who

I imagine this week is quite the week for wondering about Dr Who. I had plenty of proper stuff to be getting on with yet couldn't help but wonder 'What if . . . . ?'