Deep Sea Dueling Samurai

TERRIBLE day for getting drawing done today so in that respect this was a great big 'clear my throat and gob on my desk'. No idea what this is about.

*Update* Will's (Failboat Press co-captain and 'Bristol 2000AD fanzine' helm) gone and done a beauty too!


Princess Aura and Pal

Not done a Flash pic in a while.


Car Boot Aquaman

The Boy went with Mrs Warwick to a Car Boot sale at the weekend and returned with an old issue of Aquaman #9 which looked every minute of it's 47 years old. Coverless and patched up with brittle sellotape and it smells great. Clearly loved and not surprising. I do not now when I last read an Aquaman comic and it was everything comics should be doing. This sketch is panel 3 on page 22 where Aquaman stands on a pyramid of octopi while organising a group of squid ink stained whales to form the instruction 'Do not drop bombs' to be read by the pilot of an oncoming plane preparing to drop bombs.



It's a month since the UK Webcomix Thing and try as I might I have not managed a decent post about the event or a big fat 'hey look at those guys' to the great people I met there. But here's a stab at just that, only two though. I met Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable, creators of the 'West' comic. Very good guys the pair and I enjoyed chats with both. I picked up only 2 issues of West and am very keen to catch up with the rest of them so it's fortunate that they have produced a collected hardback of the issues so far. Available (fingers crossed) at this weekends UniComics festival prior to its official launch at Bristol.
I couldn't help but do a Fan Art piece.


Volcano vs Gungle

While the UK suffer from a lack of U.S. comic deliveries today due to Icelandic/ Euro Airspace Hoo-Ha I decided (very roughly and rapidly) to stick up a free one (pdf) for download. Happy reading without spending. It's been posted before but let me know if you like it.



The guys at the Monkey On My Back Podcast have been excellent and kind in their support of The Birdsong Anthology and are currently in possession of a copy, signed and sketched in by all contributers at the UK Thing (except Sarah as she was at HI Ex) and they're giving it away to someone who does them the grandest monkey. I did one, not to get the book back but just for my love of monkeys.

And in other news, I've learned how to put links through pictures, hence the Birdsong/Songbird image that will take you to the Failboat Press shop.



Dot practice/ fiddling for a fun project on the horizon.



Have I posted this before?

I dunno, did him ages ago. Hope Dan likes it.
And if you didn't know the grand finale Jersey Gods #12 is a double issue! Good Times, Bad Times as the Led Zeps put it.



5 minute pencil warm up this morning, less than 5 minute colouring warm up just now.



News from Poland! Mikolaj Spionek's Pirat issue #2 is on the way. The first anthology I got involved in last year will be out soon. Wholly Polish (Unlike NBC) but my story Angel is nearly dialogue free. More news as it comes.

Posting anything is a mighty feat at the moment as things are extremely busy at WJC HQ (sorry)



Here's a quickie while i'm bogged under. It's one of the robber's from Ragnar's Charm to celebrate the fact that New British Comics is on the nominations 'drop down' for the Eagle awards. If you don't fancy voting, buy one instead!

And if you need a hand filling in the rest of the nominations form, a run through that links list over there should help you out.


I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation.

Part 2 of 2 in a short series of people jumping through the air shooting pistols.


Hot Fuzz Warm Up

I did a Shaun of the Dead warm up a while ago, did this just now.


TMC (text message comics)

I suddenly realised having got back from UKThing that I hadn't done anything to promote the budding Text Message Comic group. Which would have been a missed opportunity except that Co-Administrator Dan Berry had brought his along his TMC's in real world print form (post a pic when I find it)

Here's a new one from me. Go visit the group, join in if you want.