Shaun of the Dead Warm-Up

Missed the deadline for observer graphic novel competition for a second time this year. After a weekend of work I couldn't manage 4 full pages overnight then take them by hand to the Big Bad City today. But i've now reviewed my ramshackle work ethic and timetable for the better. So, here's a warm up, now onto the drawing.
And i'll stick that new 4 pager at the end of my 'to do' list.


Workhorse said...

I can't get enough of your work dude.
the simplicity and shapes of your characters rulz

Chris Battle said...

I'm digging it!

the ronster said...


WJC said...

Workhorse, thanks. Cracking stuff on your blog.

Chris glad you're digging it.

Ron, do you want it?

Jonathan Edwards said...

I passed Edgar Wright in London yesterday! Great pic.

the ronster said...

I really do. Love SOTD. Love your pic.

When are you going to join us on the show?

WJC said...

Glad you like it Ronster, maybe i'll get on the show when Yo-yo and Kid Yo-yo make it to the newstands.

Keep up the good work (and PJ's trousers if you can)