Meanwhile, the same time I was at BICS, MFKiG was kicking off in Lodz, Poland, and I got my first comic story in print. As part of the New British Comics #2 which will be available in English later this year. Big thanks to Karol Wisniewski for asking me to join in.

Here's the first (title) page of the ten of Ragnar's Charm.


Mark said...

If anyone needs a translation of this, give me a shout, because I speak perfect Polish*.

*Only kidding, but my cleaner does.

Jorge Forn├ęs said...

OOOH! You have a very hight production friend! congratulations for the publishment,great page!!

Monkeyfeather said...

Congrats! Will this book be available online?

WJC said...

Thanks indeed. I'll have a rummage and get a link up to buy one from NBC HQ (or wherever they may come from) and let you know.