London Super Comic Con

It's the 4th London Super Comic Con this weekend and I'll be there for my 4th time at 
Artists Alley Table A125 (top right)
I'll have Dangeritis, Tom Hand, Quinthaven there and this years Collected Views new out.
Also, a bunch of original drawings for sale. 
I'll be doing shaky drawings all weekend but if you're going and want something smarter, let me know and I can make a start. ( warwick@izlet.co.uk )


Ink Practice 2015 Week 2 'CARS'

I started with Mad Max' Interceptor, then The Creepy Coupe. I had planned to draw The Brocnoviach (more than one) from Condorman but ended up doing the rest of the Whacky Racers.

Remaining Racers in my shop now 

Ink Practice for 2015

I spent much of last year working with pencil finishes and left ink alone for the greater part. As a consequence I did manage to produce some really ropey ink images which have haunted me since (Only a few wrong uns but enough to realise I need to keep my hand in the ink/ felt pen pot) The solution is a 10 to 20 minute ink only image each day, as many days as I can manage this year. To add to the misery/ excitement I want to try to tackle subjects that i don't normally try out.

First week, motorcycles.

Also, this first weeks pens were an orange and a black Sakura Pigma Brush Pen and a Platinum Souhitsu Fude (double end black/ grey) pen.


Tom Hand. A Tale of Stories (My 24 hr comic)

My 24 page strip from The Lakes International Comic Art Festival's 24 Hour comic marathon (here's the blog they set up for the event). THE most fun i've had drawing for a long time, at an excellent comic festival.
Dan Berry and Sarah McIntyre have already posted their wonderful comics. I must do a proper post on LICAF too.



Pencil, sketchpad, instagram. 



Jamie Smart, the human comic geyser, squirts forth even more cartoon antics than ever as Moose Kid Comics launches today.
Jamie has gathered together a REALLY exciting gang of nearly 40 cartoonists for a FREE KIDS COMIC available online or to download today.

A superb collection of talent (despite being included myself) and a really exciting prospect. I'm really happy to have been able to join in with Moose Kid Comics and with Alan Martin again as our contribution is YOUNG TANK GIRL, the early years adventures of Becky Buck.

Jamie has been previewing just some of the comics this week and here they are, bare in mind there are nearly 4 times this many in the comic.

Also, Off Life did an interview with Jamie himself here.

But mainly, go and check the comic out, there's too much in it to be messing about here.