Drawings from Denny's (Burbank) and out in Portland

Just back from an amazing trip to CTN Expo and after to Portland, wish I had time for a lot more drawing but did a few while about.

Samuels Florist Burbank

CTN Expo Marriott Burbank

Denny's Breakfast

Denny's Midnight

Georgia's Grocery Portland

Spartacus Portland

Kenny and Zukes Portland

Cops at LAX


Brian said...

These are wonderful! Some of these are incredibly detailed. Do you take pictures of these environments and sketch from those photos as references, or are you sketching them on the spot?

WJC said...

Thanks Brian! These are drawn from varying amounts of photos on my phone and memory, characters added (either made up or observed elsewhere) . The two at Denny's were drawn from memory and made up in to the elevated pov and i used photos to match up furniture and stuff (from snaps of us pals out, I hadn't planned to draw these at that stage) The cops were drawn from life while i was in the airport coffee bar.

john said...

Denny´s breakfast is one of my favorite pieces! It´s really inspiring to see your work, to be taken by your expressive strokes. Thank you for sharing! Where can I find more updated work form you? Cheers!!