It's a month since the UK Webcomix Thing and try as I might I have not managed a decent post about the event or a big fat 'hey look at those guys' to the great people I met there. But here's a stab at just that, only two though. I met Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable, creators of the 'West' comic. Very good guys the pair and I enjoyed chats with both. I picked up only 2 issues of West and am very keen to catch up with the rest of them so it's fortunate that they have produced a collected hardback of the issues so far. Available (fingers crossed) at this weekends UniComics festival prior to its official launch at Bristol.
I couldn't help but do a Fan Art piece.


monkeyfeather said...

Oh man, a WJC drawn western might be the greatest thing ever.

Lovely composition on this one.

Unknown said...


Dark Wizard said...

I'd read a WJC western in a heart beat.

Do you have a way I can buy some of your work? Any links to comics you've worked on or been published in would totally rule!

Been diggin your stuff for a minute -
you rule,
- Scott

WJC said...

I love a good western comic. And dear old Sergio's shown us how incredible the subject can look when composed well.

John, once Nun 1 gets finished, I hoped to do a Wild West one.

Scott, the picture links take you to the shops for the two anthology's I did recently or email me (from profile) for Gungle art or stuff. (Did you download the pdf from the post below?)
You've got a rockin style going on there Scott, nice work
and thanks!

A Cheverton said...

Warwick - I'm back (and recovered) from the UniCon weekend, and I wanted to follow up my previous Tweet by saying how much I love this picture. The composition and colour is superb.

If I had a non-West western script, I'd be after you to draw it!

WJC said...

Very pleased you like it. And if ever you do, i'll be waiting.

A Cheverton said...

Well, if I thought you had the time, I'd take you up on that! I'll keep it in mind, though. Let's get this 2000AD thing done first...