Wrestling, one year on.

This time last year I'd come to the end of a month of Wrestling only posts. Celebrated in style with the help of a few dedicated craftsman with their own superb grapplers.
I know I still have art to send out to those special few (after all this time!!!) but it's ever more likely now as Gungle gear is being bound and gagged and dispatched to various places. (Gungle art still for sale)

Anyway, here's an impromtu 'Face' and 'Heel' to celebrate.


Kirby Vision 1 Year Old

Jason Garrattley's superb blog celebrating the grand Jack Kirby is one year old today. Fantastic stuff, go check it out.

Here's Mister Miracle to celebrate.


Thunderfoot Derby #3

I wanted to take 3 dinosaur print to sell at UK Comix Thing but I didn't get this done on time. There is now a story on stewing away deep in there.

I had an amazing day and met loads of cool people but I didn't see everyone I wanted to. I also met some great people that I now need to get in touch with to say hello again.


UK Comix Thing

I'll be at the Ukwebcomixthing this saturday and I'm very pleased to be sharing a table with the mighty David 'Tozo' O'Connell'

So I did Tozo for the table

and fantastically, he did Blood of the Gungle Queens

Birdsong/ Songbird will be all over the Thing there as all contributers but Sarah McIntyre will be there (she's in the glorious Highlands for Hi-Ex)

I'll have some Birdsongs and some NBC's to sell, hopefully some various prints, some original artwork (some Gungle still unclaimed!) and I got a box of wjc merch in the post just now.

A3 Gungle Drums print and BADGES!!! Say hello if you go (if you want to)


I'm going through a mighty pile of emails and other sorting out, with a lot of work on it's slow right now. So thanks if you've inquired about artwork, i'll get all sorted asap. Thanks.


Thunderfoot Derby #2

WJC's Greatest Hits!

I was very very happy yesterday to have my work posted on Drawn! Which is a major thing for me as I visit regularly to see the amazing art people get up to. I've always secretly hoped that I see my stuff up there one day which usually prompts a visit (where i'm reminded that maybe I should practice more)
Today's post is one of those lazy repeat episodes where they churn out the old good bits rather than put up anything new. This top 5 is not necessarily my choice but the top 5 on my GA stats

So from 5 to No,1

#5 Captain Cutler

#4 Kala, General Klytus, Aurora and the Bore Worms.

#3 Wrestler Operation

#2 Michael Jackson

#1 Death Star Graffitti

Thanks to Leif Peng for the inclusion. Thanks to all the people who've been in touch and 'Hello!' to all the new visitors. And 'Big Thanks' to those of you who manage to stop by regularly, you're very kind.


Lobster Johnson

I was doing something else just now, then this, back to something else now.


Gungle for Sale

Here we go, lets see how this turns out.

I was planning on sticking these up on ebay to sell 10 or so at a time but i've never used it before and frankly getting sorted with it right now (and I had hoped to do it last week) is still out of my reach. Lazy? Stupid? Wa?

Anyone wants one, email me with an offer or comment and I'll email you and we'll see how it turns out. The sizes are all on the flickr description. They're all pencil and hand cut. They'll also come with a colour print of the finished image.

There are a few that are MIA, they may turn up but try it out. And to be honest, I quite like them, so don't mind keeping them.

If me and ebay get sorted some will go up there. Also, they'll be some at Thing.


St Patrick's Day Hangover Day

Actually, the nearest I got to a St Patrick's Day celebration yesterday was listening to one Pogues song on the radio on my way home from work. I did remember that I had a bunch of drawings and a sketchbook from a trip to Dublin with college I did 15 years ago.
I mainly went to pubs and the Natural History Museum there which is ace!

Our native tour guide mentioned that Dublin meant 'Dark Pool' (which he said the city was built on) so I went on a one with a load of drawing about a guy who descends into subterranean Dublin to take jars of the Black Stuff from the naturally occurring 'stout spring' that gurgles under the city.

This one's from then

This one's from yesterday (before venturing up the loft) done in a waiting room.


Good Dog Bad Dog

Here's a go at Dave Shelton's fabulous Good Dog Bad Dog. It's the cover to DFC #3 which our nippers love, they think it's so funny so I thought i'd give it a go. If you haven't had a go with Good Dog Bad Dog yet then you should try it out.

My own copy had been hidden by the postman behind a pot outside for several days before he pointed it out to me. Just as well as our our Bad Dog has taken to eating the post as it drops through the letterbox.


Coffee Shop Horror

- Posted on the move.


The Guardian Today

Front of the Work section

- iPosted on the move.


Geetar Man.

Did this fella a while ago for the upcoming Go Red! charity auction, more details as they get 'em out.



And that's the last one, 100 Gungle drawings in 100 days. 100 drawings now for sale (on ebay soon)
There'll be more Gungle of course, and with these new arrivals?

Many thanks to the 100 Days Project hope you enjoyed the 'Do' tonight. Check out the all the stuff there, and join in next time it comes around, I will.


The Hundredth Day

#98 Amongst the drums a new sound is heard in the Gungle.

#99 Boss Chuba and the Gungle Queens are poised as the new sound permeates the forest.

Here are the 99 drawings from the last 100 days. The big empty one on top is no. 100. To be finished by the end of the day.

-Posted on the move.


Birdsong/ Songbird Response.

Hooray! We're getting some reaction to our anthology (follow that link if you want to buy it). It got a mention here at MOMB. The Monkey On My Back gang may yet review it on their podcast, fingers crossed! Right now it's on The Forbidden Planet blog, very positive too and I'm very grateful. Also, thanks to Chris Reds Ready who was highly complimentary about the Defenders of Albion strip on my comments a while back.

Thanks a load all you guys, it's very much appreciated. Though my favorite review came from Morris the Mankiest Monster and Vern and Lettuce creator, the lovely Sarah McIntyre. Who, after having read The Defenders of Albion strip for the first time sent a highly complementary email entitled 'Holy Shit!' That made me very happy.

Anyway, 'Defenders' part 2 is being knocked around right now.


Red Eye and Bad Cracker, getting it ON

*update* 100 Days Project in today's Independent on Sunday. (Gah! Can't work the links, curses! . . . . . until now)


Gungle Catch Up

Catching up with the gaps in my 100 Days Project. Previously multiple panels went together as a comic page. Here they are layered to build up a dense Gungle view.

Maybe this sort of thing could be fun on the iphone, swishing layers about sightseeing through the Gungle.
Anyway, nearly done.


Text Message Comic

A new Text Message Comic

To be frank, I just want this strip up and out of the way. I wanted it to look a lot better than it does, especially having been led by the amazing work of Marc Craste and Jon Klassen. It was meant to be a relatively painless strip to fit in around the pile of unpostable work i'm doing at the moment but it wasn't 'right' and I kept losing more time over it, so now it's done and up.

Thffrrrup, jog on!


The Eagle Has Landed

I've just safely taken delivery of my first consignment of ale from the soon to be highly esteemed, Badlibrarian Microbrewery. Looking forward to swigging it tonight.

And hey, that's an interesting label!

Isn't it?


Count Gleb's Party

I got invited to Count Gleb's Party a while ago in the David O'Connell's superb Tozo comic. Pictures just got back from the chemists (I know we don't really do that any more) Check out my snappy duds. (the pipes a prop, smoking smells kids but the beer is real)

Check out Tozo. And I'll be sharing some of his table at the UK Comix Thing