The subject of childrens books has coincidentally muscled it's way into several conversations/ communications in the last day or so, through entirely separate courses. So I dug out these bits.

In 1995 or 6, I submitted this story for The MacMillan Childrens Book prize. Nobody won that year as they thought nobody was particularly great but they settle for splitting 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes between 10 Commended entries and this was one (1 hundred smackers!).

The drawings are original but I think these chaps got coloured just a few years ago while I unravelled the secrets of Pshop (still a mystery)

One copy of the 'mock book' went to Peter Lord at Aardman Animation where it may be kept in a Raiders of the Lost Ark style warehouse filled with silly stories. Last seen, the originals where rolled up in a carrier bag in the loft.


Gungle Hunter

Here's a speedy Pshop colour job on a page for Will Kirkby in exchange for one of his.

Flag Day No. 6 Kobi

Had a visit from Kobi yesterday. Nice and easy flag again.


Who watches the Watchmen . . . . . movie?

Though i'd get this in as it'll be all wrestling here when the film comes out next week.

On an unrelated note, I have discovered that I have a remote Spam folder that has been collecting anything it likes and I've just found a pile of emails that should have gone in my 'welcome box' not the 'telephone dating and cock pill advert box'. Anything older than a month is lost forever, if anyone has sent me an email and has received nothing but a stoney silence this may be why, sorry.

UPDATE!! Just caught this via Colin and it made my morning. Though take care as it'll upset the films ending.

Ben Bramble 2

Last Halloween there was a toss-up between The Cauldron and Ben Bramble. The Cauldron won so i'll be poking around with this story to see if it takes a decent shape.


Conscientious Wolfman.

This was an odd idea from summer 2005.


Badass Sketches

By that, I mean sketches of a Badass. For Mikolaj . Hardly had any time to do anything out of a sketchbook lately but getting that fixed.


Sketchbook Life with CCPD

Barbara takes down a ne'er-do-well on her coffee break.

Flag Day No.5. Strasbourg

I get a pretty even abundance of regular and frequent French visits from Lyon and Strasbourg. This week it's Strasbourg, mainly because it's quicker.

Bonjour tout le monde!


Wrestle City Winner

Bunty Holsters and The Swedes drew on 14%, Gelatina came in at 18%, Gungle 22% leaving Wrestle City (29%) the sole residents of this blog throughout March. Now I need to work out what they're going to be getting up to.


The things we forget.

I have spent most of my drawing time this morning searching for a usb lead that is still lost. I did however, find a pile of drawings that are certainly 10 to 12 years old and there's stuff in there I don't ever remember doing. This is the Spice Girls but what they're up to in the sinister laboratory, I don't know.

There was also a picture of Rolf Harris' preserved living head in a robot body communicating by Stylophone.


Flag Day No. 4 Croydon?

Last Flag Day I said this one had better come from home, by which I meant Blighty apparently. Other than London, no other British city/ district has endured as much time on this blog (in the last seven days) as Croydon.

Thanks chaps.


March Posts.

5 days left to decide which characters get next month's post all to themselves.

Bunty Holsters Gelatina and Pals Gungle Swedish Super Heroes Wrestle City

Vote at the box on the right.

No-one has a 31 day continuous story yet and after the Dr Who/ Christmas shambles I may not say if they did.


Strumpety Looking Wonder Woman

Done in pen for a change.


Spock Radio

At 45 minutes this took longer than any other post this busy busy week.


Another 'Parsons' quickie

DAVE McKEAN once said to me "do something new everyday and always finish what you start" There may have been another thirty or more people in the room he was addressing at the time but that's not the point.

Hunch Parsons


Flag Day No. 3. NYC

Back to the U.S.A. New York City specifically. GA reckons New York State is second to California for US visits so far. All over the state but I went with NYC as it's having the comic con this weekend, Dynamite Dan and The Jersey Gods are going, as is Jim Mahfood and Carl, find them and say hello from me.
Boxhead and Roundhead may also be, currently, comfy in the NYC area, as are plenty of others, give us a wave, your flag may come up soon. Next weeks had better come from home though.


Sketchbook Life

Even on the busiest days there can be time to 'do a page' and it may often be from memory or from life but also it could be 'Detective Hunch Parsons of the Crash City Police Dept with other officers and part of the Bikini Club' and yesterday it was.

Click on it for 'Life size'


Look TOP Right.

Not necessarily thought through at this stage but could be interesting.