Lamenting the end of the shooting season.

This week has definitely been a 'grab a sketchbook sketch when you can' week.


Día de la bandera Número Dos. Madrid

Google Analytics' fancy map page shows Madrid as a hefty source of Spanish visits to this blog. Also picked as it follows the 'bear theme'.

Gracias por visitar!


Links Quiz 2

Match the poorly rendered characters to their respective links on the right (again). Have a good rummage, it's all good stuff over there.
No prizes though.

Did you find them?

1. Barock at Dan McDaid's and Jersey Gods Blogs. 2. Professor Skeffington at I Heart Pencils and Feltmistress'. 3. The Vanguard at HUZZAH!! and consequently Faz Choudhury and Rob Davis'. 4. Jet Girl a la Rufus Dayglo and therefore also at Tank Girl.
5. Dredd, again at both Rufus and Rob's. 6. The Sea's wild shadow lady monster at Will Kirkby's. 7. The Hunt Master from Hellboy- The Wild Hunt so at Hellboy and Duncan Fegredo's. 8. Boxhead and Roundhead at Elliot's Sandwichbag. (i'll add his web in a bit) 9. Tozo at Tozo Comic and 10. El Oso at Jorge R Gutierrez.

Like I said, no prizes but it should have been fun.



Here one of Long John Silver from 2006. Dedicated to Old Tom's leg, which is coming off tomorrow morning.



Another (indirect) BadLibrarian suggestion

With senses a-tingling, Spidey was less concerned with the 'vanity cucumber' coming adrift in his tights and more worried that he could address the problem before his Amazing Friends noticed.


In contrast to California

Doing the school run each day can show some treats every now and then. In contrast to yesterday's California Sun post, here's a fella presumably on his way home from an afternoon's surfing. 5ºc in the sea, 6ºc out of it yesterday.


Flag Day No. 1

The bit of Google Analytics i'm sure I understand is the bit which shows you how far people have travelled to your site. At this stage, outside of the U.K. the most visits have been from the U.S.A. and the majority of them (by a slight margin) from California. Here's the California flag by way of a 'High Five' to those visiting from the West Coast. Thanks for stopping by.

Flag Day No.2 next week. Who knows where it'll be.

The search for Bunty Holsters

I do not fully understand the workings and mysteries of Google Analytics but I do like the idea that people do visit this site and may even visit by accident (apologies to those who have been looking for 'proper' nude wrestling and ended up here)
What I find interesting is that over 30% of search engine traffic has come from people typing in Bunty Holsters.

If I am misunderstanding what I'm reading on GA please let me know.


Elka's looking forward to the 4th of Feb.

Because Jersey Gods will be out at last! The waiting is getting unbearable. The only other artist to have had work on this blog (except my nippers) Dan McDaid and writer Glen Brunswick's mixture of Super Beings and suburban romance is only a couple of weeks away.

Still can't wait.


The King of the Jungle Queens . .

. . . . recovers on her forest stump. Smearing invigorating and exotic fruits on her wounds. Preparing to fight another day.


The Labora Tree

After the dangerous combat, The Coconut Robot returns to his jungle lair to try and discover the cause of the new knocking sound in his hairy chest. As well as all the other repairs to damage caused by the 'rumble' with the King of the Jungle Queens.

Maybe I ought to keep some things to myself.

He knew he was going to regret swallowing a whole TV but hadn't really considered that they would need to administer Led Zeppelin to get the telly out.

I have pretty much recovered now from the cold/ flu/ Creeping death that killed Christmas (Though have not recovered from my Dr Who special going down the toilet as a consequence which will be redone, some time) Turns out today though, that may have cracked a rib through enthusiastic coughing.


Unexpected continuation of armoured suits/ robots.

Andre (who should have some sort of web presence to link to but doesn't) emailed this old photograph of a deep sea diver/ spaceman/ man who's got a robot. The only explanation was 'saw this thought of you'

I drew it for you.

Another armour clad bloke/ robot picture.

Last year I met Garry Leach at BICS. He had just presented a masterclass in painting Dan Dare which was great. And he was very enthusiastic and complimentary about my portfolio (and introduced me to Rufus Dayglo).

Did I remember at the time that he worked on one of my 2000AD favourites The VC's? Nope, not until I got home that night. I still feel a proper tit.


Rapid Rendering.

On friday night, we caught up with a couple of movies missed during the summer. And a flippin' sturdy double bill it was too. 2008 ought to be remembered as a solid vintage for comic movies.
Here's a quick run passed Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.


SMASH CRASH ROAR! The source of the forest unrest.

The King of the Jungle Queens vs The Coconut Robot in a bitter jungle smash up.


High upon a limb.

Recognising the stink of burning jungle and Malibu, Tribe of One remains aloft while the thunderous rumpus grows louder.


The Mighty Chuba stirs . . .

. . . . and poised at his cave mouth, silently registers a tumult coming from his jungle below.


All Hail The New Year!

Tribe of One hides on a high bough watching The Jungle Queens salute the mighty Boss Chuba.