Tom Hand. A Tale of Stories (My 24 hr comic)

My 24 page strip from The Lakes International Comic Art Festival's 24 Hour comic marathon (here's the blog they set up for the event). THE most fun i've had drawing for a long time, at an excellent comic festival.
Dan Berry and Sarah McIntyre have already posted their wonderful comics. I must do a proper post on LICAF too.



Pencil, sketchpad, instagram. 



Jamie Smart, the human comic geyser, squirts forth even more cartoon antics than ever as Moose Kid Comics launches today.
Jamie has gathered together a REALLY exciting gang of nearly 40 cartoonists for a FREE KIDS COMIC available online or to download today.

A superb collection of talent (despite being included myself) and a really exciting prospect. I'm really happy to have been able to join in with Moose Kid Comics and with Alan Martin again as our contribution is YOUNG TANK GIRL, the early years adventures of Becky Buck.

Jamie has been previewing just some of the comics this week and here they are, bare in mind there are nearly 4 times this many in the comic.

Also, Off Life did an interview with Jamie himself here.

But mainly, go and check the comic out, there's too much in it to be messing about here.




As ever, Gungle is on the move. More so now than for a long time.

Eurovision 2014

I managed to keep up with The Eurovision Song Contest last night on the sofa with my family and lashings of wine. Only missed one act I think though i've no idea who's who.


QUICKDRAW LIVE! With OffLife Comic

I will be joining the superb Lizz Lunney, Joe List and anyone else who comes along, with the OffLife crew to London on thursday this week.

Bad Egg for Easter



Well, 21st Century Tank Girl beat it's target in 48hrs, currently running at nearly 85 flippin thousand quid.

Thought i'd get some practise in. New Stretch Goals Announced HERE


21ST CENTURY TANK GIRL- Hewlett/ Martin/ Bond are back*

*subject to funding

Alan Martin has got the band back together and has begun a KICKSTARTER to fund the next Tank Girl project, 21st Century Tank Girl kicked off yesterday and is half funded already, GET TO IT!

New work from Jamie Hewlett
As well as the Tank Girl heroes, Jim Mahfood and myself are back on the job and joined by TG newcomers Brett 'Blitzcadet' Parson, Craig Knowles and Jonathan Edwards (originally slated for TG art nearly 20 years earlier)

Grand CBR Interview by Mark Cardwell with Alan Martin about it all here.

20 Years of Hellboy

Multiversity Comics blog have been running '31 Days of Hellboy' in celebration of the big red bruiser's 20th anniversary. A competition open for fans, artists or not, to submit their version of Mike Mignola's brilliant character. All the entries that made it onto the site last month are here

I've had a go at Hellboy many times over the years, he's one of a world of superb character's in Mignola's universe and of course Mike Mignola himself is a great hero of mine. So here's my interpretation, which didn't make the cut but as always was more than fun to do.

*UPDATE* This one is in the list now, Thanks Multiversity Comics!


Over the horizon

In the distance, far away but it's coming. Back on the trail of Gungle again. (and posting on this blog too)

Comics and Cola

Zainab Akhtar has posted the commission I did for her (and the parcel of bits) on her wonderful Comics and Cola blog. Which is a brilliant place to be.  Glad she liked it.