Skip to the end. And Merry Christmas!

05:14, run out of cough mixture, i'll be reaching for the eggnog in an hour or so anyway.


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Here's the next three.
Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

If the next roughs dont make it they'll feature Tom Baker punching The Cowls alien heart out through his chest.

Then Tom consoling the mortally wounded Tennent while Time restores the '2 of one person in the same place quandary' by

regenerating the pair as a brand new Who.

My New Year Resolution being "don't get sick"

Merry Christmas everyone!


Episode 4

The other time travellers arrive to meet the other astro scientist, this time at the back door.

Unofficial Christmas Special (by any means necessary) Part 3 0f 10

This will be done on time, the germs are turning (god, i hope they're turning)


Christmas Special 2 of 10.

Inside the Exhibition of Foreign Terrors, something's clearly amiss

(Me, and this whole escapade have been sabotaged by germs. This picture should have been much better but i'm 2 days behind!)


Entirely Unofficial Christmas Special 1 of 10

A late night rendezvous, one Victorian Christmas. The time travellers arrive to meet an Astro-Scientist to investigate his fears with regard to the goings on at a new London exhibit.


Joe Pineapples!

By popular demand (Mark and Matt) here's pre-tranny Joe Pineapples. Done in a hurry.


Christmas with The Crooners

The Crooner's prepare canapes and cocktail fruits unaware that Frospy the snowman is sneaking in through the window to swig their booze and crap into their ice bucket.


C is for Cheating. And Cult o tron

Mark's right, there aren't any ABC Warriors beginning with C so I made The CultOtron. Specialities; bombs, dangerous handguns, hard rockin'.


A was for 'ammerstein, so B is for . . . .

Which leaves trouble for the next one . . . .


Doin' my ABC's

Todays pencil warm up.


Who's The Daddy?

Each year, at this time, the men of the most northern tribe endure a savage contest. The honour of 'The Sleigh Rider' goes to the victor while all other competitors must endure the Department Stores and Shopping Malls during The Great Celebration.



At this time of yearmany of us are preparing for the festivities, stocking up on sellotape, batteries and nuts. It is also a time to reflect on past times, same music, same telly, same posts.
Last years advent story countdown "The Pudding Factory' still lingers inside The Internet right here.
Alas, you'll get all the 24 +1 episodes at once, and in reverse order.