Astronomer Angst

It would continually frustrate Brian that whenever he went to Patrick's observatory Brian would always treat it with respect. But, whenever Patrick came to his, he would always end up planking around on Brian's guitars.


War Rocket Ajax, Brian at the controls.

Propelled by Rock, steered by Electric Guitar, the stricken War Rocket Ajax is guided on course to Mingo City.

Dr Zarkoff's brains make up for his lack of sports skills.

At 1 minute 28 seconds of uninterrupted action 'The Football Fight' shows one major difference to an American Football game.


Prince Barin and The Wood Beast vs Peter Duncan

He had always shown zest for adventure, from this earlier Blue Peter days , to greater thrills in Duncan Dares. However Peter's decision to 'face the Wood Beast or die' turned out to be a challenge too far.


General Kala, Klytus, Princess Aura and Irony

General Kala couldn't escape the irony that having spent the morning erasing Dr Zarkoff's memories she couldn't now remember where she'd left Klytus' Bore Worms.


Vultan Goodness

I don't have a thoroughly filled out profile yet but here is a clue to something that would be in the 'most favouritist films' section.



Here's a peep at a lesser spotted part of todays 'The Independent' newspaper.



Well, it's pretty clear that the narrative element of this blog has been idling for a while. The trouble is to decide, which one next?
These two are probably the first images saved on my newly repaired Mac after the 'Traitorous Computer Incident of 2002'


Hoodlums Hit the Road.

From this day two years ago.



Even though it was my birthday yesterday I got talked into going to The Nippers school to expound upon the virtues of drawing for money. If i'd brought in the Ninja Handyman concept drawing from Planet Sketch he would have been their favourite apparently but in his absence this character from a Burger King Pitch from 2001 made them happiest.


The Sugar Lady.

Sheltering from the wild weather today, this lady asked for four more sugars with her coffee.

Not super but special.

A couple of Emo's outdoors in todays windy weather.


Pat Lantis Vs The Phantom Bomber

I've been wrestling with this thing for a while now. I was pleased with the first sketch or two then after a while it became more and more familiar. It is possible that this image is totally ripped off an existing picture but right now I have only a haunting uncertainty.
Having spent my life absorbing great artwork and imagery it's not impossible that things might get a little untidy up there in my mind.



Either an ancient suboceanic stone tiki born of timeless tides and embracing drifts of the sea.
Or a fiteen year old figment, forged from camaradarie at the South Bristol swimming baths.