Deep Sea Samurai and Octopus

Now coloured in.



One of Bad Cracker's.


Sunny Beach Post and Thanks!

An old sunny one 'cos it's sunny and I haven't had time for much else.

And look! 99 Followers!!!!! very much obliged for your patience and interest. Hope they'll be a 100.


Got Pirat!

Yesterday I got my hands on my copies of Mikolaj Spionek's mighty Pirat #2 Anthology. It was the first anthology I was asked to contribute to and I love it in al it's wild violent action glory!

The book is in Polish though the contributers seem international. Still tracking through the links to find the other guys work. Outstanding, varied stuff. Links to follow.

Some of you have seen my strip in the 20 or so crappy photocopiercomic's I did to see what people thought. Sadly, Pirat is sold out but i'll let anyone interested know if more are printed.

Pirat #3 is in the works and happily so is the next Angel.


PotD Wed to Sat

A change of weather last week.


Beer Man

Busy on the day job at the moment, then done in on return, so this is how I'm getting my jolly's.

Posted at work.



Clearly more to add to this, explanation and links etc but i'm out of time and handing over to phone internet in the high wind for the next ten hours.



Passenger's of the Day. fri to mon

Featuring silver foxes, a Hen Do, an ashes scattering, Champagne and Special Brew.


Strange combination of sketches.

Harvey Pekar for Joe

Urko for Jonathan E

Hede for Thomas

*UPDATE* Draw Harvey flickr group courtesy of Adam Cadwell now filling up with Harvey's.


Deep Sea Diving Samurai

Quickie before work (where, at some stage, i'll get a crab sandwich and pot o shrimp)


PotD Sun to Wed

Only four days afloat til yesterday's day on land.

Hopefully, proper 'sit down and draw' drawing very soon.


Woodland Menace

It's The Girl's birthday today. She opened her gear, including Apple (something) Cottage for her collection of sweet woodland characters in victorian clothing. Worryingly the occupant of the cottage was tied to a chair, kidnap stylee.

I am currently struggling with a ton of everything to do and know there are people waiting for all manner of stuff which i'll try and get sorted this week, if you are one of those and have not heard from me by next tuesday then email me, message titled 'Hurry up'



Rapid Swedish Hero sketch

Sven Samurai ignores distraction while dismantling the Transmission Bomb. Elka chops the hell out of the defending trolls.