Jekyll and Hyde Sketchbook. Ink messing.

Some background characters to the Jekyll and Hyde action. Messed up in pen. Coloured in pshop.

Lord of the Sea

Had squid for supper last night, then we all went for a walk. Lovely evening.


Nemesis in pen (or panic drawing no.2)

Whilst trying to get 3 kids up and to school.


Ape in pen.

Frustratingly busy at the moment but found time (15 minutes) to do this today.


Crash City Sketch

From earlier this year, a sketchbook version of Captain Surly, Chief of Crash City PD.


Carl Vs Eskimo

Jim Mahfood's Carl the Cat. Not at work but protecting his livelyhood.


Axel F

I was watching telly last night, must have left my pencil on.


Jekyll and Hyde Sketchbook (extreme)

Henry was well aware that the morning after 'a good Hyde-ing' would be distressing but he couldn't help it. He just LOVED science.

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9

This morning's drawing has been spent enjoying Jake Armstrong's superb animation The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9. It's a thing of beauty.


Jersey Gods #5

Jersey Gods five is out now and it's another cracker. And as Issue 2 had my first ever Pin-Up in a proper comic, so Issue 5 has my first fan letter printed in a proper comic. Keep it up Dan and Glen.


Jekyll and Hyde Sketchbook

I've been mulling over some more Jekyll & Hyde action since their last post went so well.


Supreme Broship.

Today I hopped off the boat at 2pm, got a lift to the station and caught a train to the big bad city. Walked across London among desperate looking masses displaced from the underground trains and on to the Forbidden Planet to see Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell. I am not going to the Supreme Broship opening tomorrow night which was my plan so I made an effort to see them today. I bought some great, great stuff and got it signed and drawn on and came home with some cracking art pictured below at WJC HQ. Thanks chaps.

See the show, get the books. Say 'Hi' to those guys from me.


I used to copy pictures of Samurai from books as a nipper, which turned out to be Kuniyoshi's. Then at college I found a book of his Warrior Prints and copied them all over again. I went to the (now finished) exhibition a week or so ago and saw the prints in the flesh. Flipping lovely too.

I copied an image from 1979 for yesterdays post, here's one copied from 1851.


PowerMan and Iron Fist.

I love Ted Prior's comic covers and eventually, I gave in to the sheer joy of doing one of me own.


Gungle Hunt resumes.

This is not part 6 (not the planned one anyway) but a return to the Gungle after some missed days and some Gallic fun.