Bunty V The Bear-O-Tron

Bunty Holsters has a run in with the Bear County monsters.
It's amazing how a big and important 'to do' list can generate surprising and inventive distractions. Hence Bunty Holsters. That 'to do' list is being dealt with aswell.


Bunty Holsters

Things have been a bit off target lately. I'm not having the time to draw/ scan/ colour at the mo. I have to spend more time paying attention at work and not drawing. Gelatina's still dangling in that scrap with The Crapodiles and Smazmak.
Still, best foot forward.

Bitter Truth

Went passed the house of the 'most saddest/ awesome' bloke today to find that the Tardis was completed. Sadly, instead of thrumming into the ether, the time machine was turned on it's side and slid into the back of a lorry.

Real life is sometimes just not as shiny.


Further contribution.

Carrying an A6 sketchbook is a habit acquired since my college years and though some get carried around for a year before being finished others can take just a couple of weeks. Increasingly i'm finding unplanned contributions from the nippers added when thye book's been left around. Here are entries from the 8 year old boy and his 5 year old sister. (Her text reads; The pirate was eating children, the children tasted nice)


Syzygy at bathtime with The Astronomers.

After wednesdays full moon, the Astronomers were eager to test any relevant celestial intervention, with respect of tidal action, to their routines. Neither bath water nor ale levels seemed dramatically changed. The experiment would be postponed til the Novembers New Moon when Spring Tides were predicted at the liveliest.
Unless they just fancied doing it earlier.


Last of the Summer Heroin.

Having retired from a full career of 7o's/ Voodoo themed crime, Tee Hee Johnson, Whisper and Baron Samedi spent the gentle twilight of their years roaming the West Yorkshire countryside, laying in haystacks, sitting on bridges and undertaking hair-brained escapades.


Jet vs Tee Hee Johnson, Baron Samedi and Whisper

Surviving the less thorough dispatches suffered by Kananga/ Mr Big , his primary henchmen where later thwarted in Voodoo/ drug related capers by Jet from Gladiators against a full Wings soundtrack.

Sadly, the only others I can think of are Mull of Kintyre or Band on the Run (when performed by The Foo Fighters)


Speedo's Rule

Whilst away last week in the wilds of Northern France we went to a piscine. It turns out that the 'no shorts in french pools' legend is true. As we found out as when this lifeguard diverted us shouting 'Non monsieur' and directed us to a lady with a basket full of used Speedo's, sizes 5 years to 75 years. And some as old. Still, breaking my neck on the water slide and losing my kids in the wave machine covered my embarrassment.


Getting back into it.

Having spent a week away in the internetless wild French coutryside, without a working tape player in the car either this seemed the ideal opportunity to get back to Blog. Instigated by Mark at Badlibrarianship I have followed his instructions, stopping at the point where i should list seven others to continue the fun. I haven't seven people to lumber but any passers by fancy offering a current choice, that might count.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to’.

1. Just for the sheer potty-mouthed joy of it, Dean Ween belting out 'My Own Bare Hands' at Shepherds Bush Empire last month has had me singing along since.

2. Sharing The Spongebob Squarepants Movie OST with Ween was Lemmy in his Motorhead years but this might be where it all started.

3. There's a continuing enjoyment from MCR doing The Black Parade song. It's all great when the Brian May guitar sound belts in. It's like a grown up coming in to junior rock school and showing all the fresh face enthusiastic young ones how to do it properly. Not allowed to link to the video which might be just as well.
4. After that, there must be the real thing, as nature made sound so that Queen would record Fat Bottomed Girls.

5. Maybe it's because it's that time of year, once again when I spend as much time on the sea as on land but this is rattling through my head while watching those sonar screens or gps plotters just now. 

6.The Go Team are one of  the 'get on with your work'  part of my Itunes so they're on a lot. Great for comic action.
7. As i've heard it most days since Christmas, the other 'levee' song.

Now i'm back, maybe they be drawing too. Goo Girl and The Crapodiles must be getting bored hanging around for so long.