Bunty Holsters

Things have been a bit off target lately. I'm not having the time to draw/ scan/ colour at the mo. I have to spend more time paying attention at work and not drawing. Gelatina's still dangling in that scrap with The Crapodiles and Smazmak.
Still, best foot forward.


Jonathan Edwards said...

I've only just discovered your blog and can't wait to see more. Inspirational stufff. Makes me want to draw even more.

Mark Kardwell said...

Bunty Holsters. There's a Flemingesque name for ya.

WJC said...

I suppose it is, I was always quietly impressed with what he got away with in that respect (did he really write Plenty O'Toole? I admit i've only read Casino Royale).
I'd be happy if they want it, if not for 'Piece of Quiet' then for whatever's next.

WJC said...

Thanks a load Jonathan, there will be more. I look forward to seeing it what it's inspiring over on I Heart Pencils.