Further Pen Sketches

More pen doodling, with some pShop colour.

Idle Brush Pen Sketch

In the midst of a a few days away from drawing but fiddled a bit with a brush pen while watching Predator last night (though I don't remember this precise scene)


Blog Year 3

To celebrate Blog Year 2 I mangled the nippers Operation game for fun. This year, their Guess Who got it. 24 of the Passengers of the Day got to go in. IF you want to try it out you can get the character pages here, and cut and fiddle them to fit (it may not be easy)

In the last blog year a few exciting things have happened. I have comic art in books!! 3 anthology's included my strips, Pirat, NBC#2 and Birdsong. As well, as a doing work for Will's NU-Earth 2000ad fanzine.

Also, highly exciting, the extremely impressive looking Solipsistic Pop #3 which will be out in Nov.
Having massively bolstered the activity in the Gungle after completing The One Hundred Days project, HOOP-LA!! Gungle is going to be published by Blank Slate Books (once it's done) I'm really excited about the format plans that are going into it. I cannot wait to see it finished but have to keep reminding myself that I have to do the work first.

Apologies are due to those who are still hanging about for Gungle art, Nu-Earths or commissions. I am suffering from being extremely busy and disorganised. Special apologies due to the incredible patience of John Hoffman, Thomas Wellman and Bartosz Sztybor who's projects have suffered from my lack of productivity. Sorry.

Gelatina or Goo-Girl featured on the very first post here 3 years ago. So, here she is slightly updated.

Massive thanks to all of you who visit, there are people that deserve special thanks but for now I need to work out a proper way to organise those 'Cheers's' to include all the right people and forget no-one.

Thank you.

Pencils out now . . . .


Kani page (in progress)

Up to my tits in work I don't want to be showing yet. Except this, which I can post, so I did.


PotD Round-Up Catch Up.

It's entirely possible we might not see another 6 person round up for some time.


Kani Sketch

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Solipsistic Pop 3

I should have linked to this AGES ago. Solipsistic Pop 3 is being put together at this very moment, due to appear at the Thought Bubble festival.

Tom Humberstone's been posting previews starting this week, Joe Decie and Rob Davis' are up there already and mine today, keep an eye out as the others appear. It's a great looking book and i'm very pleased to have been included.


Vintage kar Klub

These guys came on the boat yesterday, 29 altogether but here are just 4. They were clearly and enthusiastic and serious society but looked for all the world like a clown parade.

Toot TOOT!


Work for Chris and CN

Very pleased to see the great Chris Garbutt has posted about a new project he's working on as I had done some character work on it. Hopefully, we'll all see it out and about one day. Good Luck Chris.

Here's some of what I did


Death by Warm-Up sketch

So there's a day of drawing ahead. A to-do list that stretches from here to over there but don't start straight away on what's first on the list, do a warm up drawing instead. Do something indulgent and fun AND EASY. A sketch of Power Man, or Deep Sea Diving Samurai or something new. Rule that pencil, crush that line, nail that sketch then, in full command of my tools and skills, attack that work to do.

Today, I didn't win. Wrestled, struggled, got cross with inability and ran out of time. Not just warm-up time but the bulk of my drawing day.

But I went down fighting (feebly) and prompted by William and Rob did a panel of that "Sailor shore leave, Thailand ladyboy love story comic"

It may be the only one.


Influence Map

There's this wholly irresistible thing going about. Yesterday there were only five or so I knew of, today, KABLOOWEY! Artists are dumping their valuable time to have a go at their Influence Map. The template is here. It is a very interesting exercise to check out your bad self and insightful when nosing at others.

Good ones to peep at (cos they have more links to maps than this one) are here and here.

I should like to point out I did this while digesting supper so, technically, it didn't take up (much) work time.

Secondly, I'd LOVE to point out that of the five or so I saw yesterday, two INCLUDED me in their maps. Totally flippin' mental! But cheered me right up.

ALSO Look forward to BL Kardwells map made of booze labels and crisp packets.


Publication Day!

Today 2 books are available to buy that I have worked on.

The previously mentioned No.1 Car Spotter by Atinuke which I'm very excited about.

Also, interior artwork for Who Do You Think You Are? Be a Family Tree Detective

(although, that one doesn't look entirely available this morning)


Passenger's of the Day Update

Though I may be losing track of the days.



Here's a snip at what pile of drawing i'm doing at the moment. A big pile but all for stuff so not much to post. This panel will appear in modified version so I'll put it up here.

For anyone interested.